These buildings are so ugly, but so confident

Some places in Bacheng Hairy Crab Aquarium began to “prepare for the rainy day” – during the “audition” stage, the relevant parties of the buildings on the list rushed to find them and wanted to spend money to “settle” them and remove them from the nomination.

In cities, they occupy a large area of land awkwardly, which is called “visual pollution”.

The judges admitted that the criticism of large public buildings may have an impact on the relevant departments.

For example, can we talk about whether the public buildings in our city give citizens enough sense of acceptance? Is there sufficient availability for vulnerable groups? What is our ideal relationship between people and cities··············· In a selection of ugly buildings, I first found the species of “ugly buildings” in some aerial videos on the Internet.

Some people proposed to simply evaluate an ugly building.

The immortals stand in a building that is only as high as their waist, and show strange smiles to you against the blue sky.

The other party asked the sponsor to cancel the selection results within a time limit and make a public apology, otherwise it would be seen in court.

In the era of rapid development, ugly buildings have emerged in the foam of capital.

At the beginning of 2011, the government office building in Huangjin Town, Zhongxian County, Chongqing City, after a three-month selection, the sponsor of the building released the list of the first ten ugly buildings – “Fulushou” (Hebei Tianzi Hotel), “Big Copper Money” (Shenyang Fangyuan Building) and “Shanzhai Tiananmen” (a government office building in Chongqing).

There is a “fortune, wealth and longevity” in Hebei, which has built the building into three big immortals.

“They actually play the role of ballast stones”..

A few months ago, just after the 2021 selection results were announced, the organizing committee received a lawyer’s letter from the relevant parties of a listed building.

Zhou Rong heard that some local governments specially issued internal documents after finding that the buildings they built were the top of the list, requiring local governments to downplay the news as much as possible.

In this way, in the warm response of netizens, the competition has been done for 12 years, which also triggered many chain reactions.

After the “scandal spread for thousands of miles”, some ugly buildings in some places were secretly demolished.

You must have seen some ridiculous “ugly buildings” around you or online, but you may not know there is a “Top 10 Ugly Buildings in China”.

In addition, with the selection process, some famous architects’ works also began to “appear on the list”, which added a layer of human pressure to the judges.

The lawyer’s letter also came like a snowflake.

Image source: If you continue to search, you will find giant Russian dolls, large copper coins, large wine bottles, or other things that are made by living with a strange shape.

Among the judges, there are three judges in their 80s who have been writing comments and doing activities since the 1980s.

It is hard to imagine this is a hotel – the windows of the hotel room are designed to be very small for the sake of the complete appearance of the immortals.

The selection was accidentally started in 2010.

In the more than ten years of selection iteration, the times have changed and the “ugly” pattern has also changed.

“We are not afraid of him,” Wang Mingxian laughed.

Then, I contacted the organizing committee of the “Ten Ugly Buildings Selection”, and found that this is a group of industry The evaluation activities initiated by authoritative experts in the academic circle include well-known scholars in the history of architecture and art, professors in colleges and universities of architecture, and important architects and architectural critics.

It was initiated spontaneously by a group of authoritative experts in the construction industry.

The chief editor of the building talk website here discussed with several experts to form the first evaluation committee, And discussed the rules of the first evaluation: first collect the nominations of ugly buildings from the public online (and then further open the public online voting channel), and then the experts will review them.

Without any official background, it is “detrimental” to the all-around selection that even the masters in the industry will not miss.

The comments were very virulent.

“Capital willful and reckless, destroying the marine ecology, and the form is strange and disorderly, which is a typical example of showing off wealth and kitsch cultural tourism projects.” When commenting on a large hotel in Beijing, the judges also bitterly criticized its recent upgrading and transformation, “The renovation of buildings failed to correct the original design defects, and the more ugly the more, the worse the image of the city at the east gate of the capital.” Source: Stephen shot the video “Catch alive in the water! Where is the largest bastard in the world?” I haven’t seen such bold language expression in the public space for a long time.

There are not only “big crab” and “big wine bottle” that are “ugly at the first sight”, but also “lucky life” in the shape of three big immortals, as well as Evergrande Haihua Island, which destroys the marine ecology, and Chongqing Raffles Square, which damages the historical and cultural scale of the mountain city.

At that time, a group of architectural experts chatted at an academic seminar about how ugly some of the buildings around them were.

The reason why the selection can resist the pressure until the 12th year is the simple idealistic atmosphere of some senior executives in the industry.

Wang Mingxian, the head of the jury, the scholar of architecture and art history, and the visiting professor of the Central American Academy of Architecture, told me, “We thought we would finish the evaluation in one or two sessions, but we didn’t expect the ugly buildings to become more and more brave”.

After the reform and opening up, the impact of multiculturalism, the arrogance of capital and other reasons have created an endless stream of ugly buildings.

Later, I learned that these discoveries of ugly buildings came from a “Top Ten Ugly Buildings Selection” – you can understand it as the Golden Raspberry Award of the architectural class.

A few months ago, the results of the 12th selection in 2021 were announced, and the winner was awarded to Hainan Haihua Island.

When urbanization and economic development are slowing down, it may be an opportunity for rational return.

The intense visual impact ignited the enthusiasm of netizens, and the online forwarding and re-creation were overwhelming.

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For example, the “hairy crab ecologue” in Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, the “big crab” built by the developer at a cost of more than 13 million yuan, soon after it was listed on the list of ugly buildings in 2018, it removed its legs.


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