What position should I start from when I first enter the construction industry?

The development direction can be the director of Engineering Technology Department, chief engineer and project manager.

The income of construction workers is generally composed of three parts: salary, subsidy and bonus.

The starting salary of construction workers is very low, but if they can stick to it, it will be easy to get promoted and the income will increase rapidly.

The requirements of constructors are not high and suitable for newcomers.

Many people who want to enter the construction industry start from the construction workers, because in the construction industry, 80% of the project managers are from the construction workers.

The end point of constructors can go far.

For this reason, many people are unwilling to do it.

Promotion is easy and income increases rapidly.

Xiaobian thinks it should be a construction worker! Why? There are mainly the following reasons.



The bonus basically depends on the project.

In addition, with subsidies and bonuses, the subsidies are different for each unit, mainly some travel expenses and ordinary subsidies.

Moreover, in the construction industry, 80% of project managers come from constructors.

Remember these ten items..

At the beginning, the salary is very low, basically about 3000-5000.

Although it is hard to be a construction worker in the early stage, you can learn the knowledge, technology and process of each link of construction.

But a newcomer at the construction site can only do chores and do all kinds of errands.

A good project can get a lot of bonus at one time.

It is beneficial to later career development.

If you are new, inexperienced and have no technology, it is the best choice to start from the construction worker, because the skills required on the construction site are relatively complex, but not deep, and you can learn a lot of construction experience.


Many people don’t know what position they should start from when they just enter the construction industry.

Salary is the basic monthly salary of construction workers.

These experiences are not available in books.

However, as long as you are willing to work hard and get a certificate later, it is easy to get promoted and get a raise quickly.

As a construction worker, you can learn construction experience and contact various knowledge on the construction site, including not only construction, but also management, coordination, cost, etc.

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The requirement of being a construction worker is not high, but it needs to be on the construction site often.

Learning them is very helpful for later promotion.

These are the necessary experience and knowledge to be competent as a project manager and do project management in the later stage, which is very helpful to the later career development~~ Malicious arrears of wages of 126 migrant workers, the boss of a construction labor company in Jiangxi was sentenced to save so much money by controlling costs? Have you learned how to make people? It’s not difficult to do a budget, but it’s not easy to do a good budget.


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