Dalian landmark “Triumph International Building” burst into fire and burned for 7 hours… Is it a pot with external wall insulation?

It is reported that although firefighters use the ladder to put out the fire, it is very difficult to put out the fire accurately because the fire point is high from the ground.

The video taken by the passengers after the vehicle shows that there is black smoke and open fire burning at the scene.

When an open fire is found, the fire spreads rapidly, misses the best rescue opportunity and is difficult to control.

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If flammable and combustible materials are used as external insulation materials, it is very easy to form three-dimensional fire without flame retardant treatment.

When the external wall thermal insulation materials of high-rise buildings burn violently, they usually do not have the conditions for personnel internal attack.

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Due to good sealing, when ignited, under the condition of low oxygen concentration, it is generally smoldering in the initial stage, which is difficult to find from the outside, and the smoke of organic thermal insulation materials is large, so it is difficult for rescuers to find the ignition point and attack at the first time.

First, it burns violently and spreads rapidly.

Thermal insulation materials are often filled in the interlayer.

Thermal insulation materials made of organic materials contain a large number of unsaturated groups, which belong to compounds with high chemical reactivity, and have a large amount of heat and smoke during combustion.

Is it a pot with external wall insulation? On August 27, a fire accident occurred in Kaixuan international building, Jinpu new area, Dalian, Liaoning Province.

During internal fire fighting, due to the influence of factors such as the service time of air respirator, it is difficult to rescue and the fire extinguishing efficiency is low…

Third, the combustion is hidden and difficult to detect.

There are four main difficulties.

In the initial stage of fire, the protection area of fixed fire-fighting facilities such as automatic sprinkler and indoor fire hydrant is indoor, so it is impossible to automatically start to extinguish the fire on the outer wall.

After the fire, no trapped people have been found and no casualties have been found through community telephone contact and fire fighting layer by layer.

The water injection operation area by high-pressure spraying fire engines is usually small, and the water supply intensity is difficult to control the fire in a short time.

The combustion characteristics and construction technology of external thermal insulation materials make it difficult to put out a fire, especially after the fire of external wall thermal insulation materials of high-rise buildings.

Finally, the working surface is small and the water supply is difficult.

According to the article, there are more and more cases of fire caused by thermal insulation materials or fire caused by fire.

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That night, Liaoning fire official microblog released the article “popular science: difficulties in fire fighting of exterior wall insulation materials of high-rise buildings”.

The video from another angle looks like the whole is on fire…

Second, smoke has large calorific value and produces toxic gases.


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