China Construction Third Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd. undertook the summit forum of “intelligent construction and building

Smart construction site combines video monitoring, Internet of things and other technologies to realize data collection, circulation, display and management around the five elements of human, machine, material, method and environment management The comprehensive service system of decision-making changes the traditional construction site management mode, provides information-based solutions for site management, and effectively improves the level of environmental management.

Special space high altitude special purpose living space adopts the concept of pressurization and oxygen supplement to improve the plateau living environment, develops high altitude livable houses, and creates a “similar plain” The advantages of convenient transportation, fast installation speed and flexible combination of the integrated house of building blocks in a livable environment have been fully reflected in the construction of the anti epidemic hospital, striving to be the first and marching forward.

PC component double circulation assembly line combines the maintenance section into a double circulation pattern through process integration.

The bridge tower platform can solve the problem of kilometer building by learning from the rail transit system and fully improving the utilization rate of guide rail.

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2 Vertical transportation problems intelligent construction elevators do not need full-time drivers to operate, realize channel obstacle detection, etc., and reach the international advanced level as a whole after third-party identification.


China Construction Third Bureau will continue to tackle key technical problems, build an intelligent construction system and shoulder the responsibility of promoting the development and progress of the construction industry Apply to join the official communication group of intelligent construction: Please add the building smart BIM.

This technology has intelligent technology, safety technology, platform technology Assembly technology and other four key technologies and innovative achievements intelligent construction elevator through the successful application of intelligent construction elevator can effectively save labor, reduce costs, improve equipment operation safety, and fill the gap in the field of construction elevator at home and abroad.

Dai Chao, manager of the Technology Department of the company, was invited to make a technical exchange on “intelligent construction helps the high-quality development of the industry” “Smart equipment, smart factory, smart construction site, special space” This paper introduces the research and achievements of China Construction Third Engineering Bureau in intelligent construction from four aspects.

Intelligent factory reinforcement BIM intensive technology creates a complete set of integrated service solutions for reinforcement engineering, series design optimization, modeling and proofing, R & D, production logistics and distribution, industrial worker cultivation, consulting and settlement, etc Three dimensional and double circulation assembly line PC component three-dimensional assembly line changes the operation mode of three-dimensional upper and lower layers through the platform conversion elevator.

The award honors building an intelligent construction system to promote the development and progress of the construction industry.


The hosting of this forum has improved the company’s influence in the industry and region.

Yue Qingrui, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, ye Haowen, chief expert of CSCEC group, Cheng Gang, deputy director of Sichuan Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development, and other important guests were invited to attend CSCEC Southwest Institute, Sichuan Huaxi Group, MCC 5, Chengdu Construction Engineering More than 20 enterprises and institutions including Southwest Jiaotong University and Sichuan University attended the meeting, with more than 500 participants.

The company’s scientific and technological achievement “research and application of intelligent control construction elevator” won the annual excellent scientific and Technological Achievement Award.

Each floor can save about 20% of the construction period.

Serving the national strategy and promoting industrial upgrading, “intelligent construction and building industrialization” of Sichuan civil architecture society sponsored by Sichuan civil architecture society and Chongqing Civil Architecture Society and undertaken by Southwest Company of China Construction Third Bureau The summit forum was recently held in Chengdu.

The world’s first multi crane rotation platform of intelligent equipment air building machine Greenland 468 project can realize the overall, continuous, rapid and safe jacking and climbing process of multi tower crane.

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