Waterfront bar restaurant Mars planet architecture

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▼ aerial view ▼ aerialview © Planet architecture | Mars studio is surrounded by wetland landscape and mountains and rivers.

▼ perspective waterscape ▼ aerialview © Star architecture | Mars studio ▼ perspective of parking lot ▼ parkingview © Star architecture | Mars studio ▼ perspective waterscape aerialview © Star architecture | Mars studio ▼ 2F entrance design diagram | 2finteriordiagram © Star architecture | Mars ▼ studio ▼ indoor perspective | 2finteriorview © Star architecture | Mars studio © Star architecture | Mars studio © Star architecture | Mars studio © Star architecture | Mars studio © Star architecture | Mars studio © Star architecture firm Mars Studio Project Name: Waterfront bar restaurant Designer: star architecture design Mars studio design time: 2020-2021 project location: Gansu, China construction area: 310 square meters lead Architect: Ma Ning design team: Jia Chengzhen, sun Ruijing, Yu Jiezhen, Guo Dongyuan from: the copyright of Mars star design belongs to the original author, This is only for exchange and learning.

The new roof of semi outdoor restingspace is like three “ribbons”.

The first and second floors of the original building are not connected by stairs.

During the day, the sun shines into the room through the skylight.

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▼ waterscape ▼ aerialview © Star architecture | Mars studio ▼ design progress ▲ the original building space is narrow and difficult to use ▲ expand the terrace area and add outdoor stairs ▲ the second floor is the main building entrance, Connecting the square and the parking lot, the 2nd floor serves the main entrance ▲ divides the restaurant into public areas and private rooms ▲ the terrace becomes a semi outdoor rest space.

The new building will be an important node in the public space of the waterfront wetland park.

At night, people see the stars through the skylight.

It not only provides shade and shelter from rain, but also attracts passers-by to stop and rest.

The first floor is facing the waterfront square and the second floor is backed by the parking lot.

The gap between the “ribbons” is a breathable skylight, which introduces natural light under the eaves.

It is the only “southern” city in Gansu Province.

With beautiful scenery and pleasant climate, it is known as “Longshang Jiangnan”.

▼ roof diagram © The silvery roof of Mars studio is like the wings of a bird, spreading to both sides.

Geographically, Longnan is located in the transition zone from subtropical zone to warm temperate zone.

People who park and drop off passengers need to go to the ramp at the end of the parking lot and detour far to reach the square on the first floor, which is very inconvenient.

▼ aerial view ▼ aerialview © Star architecture | Mars studio Longnan City is located in the southeast of Gansu Province.

The owner hopes to transform the terrace on the second floor into a bar and restaurant by adding a roof.

Relying on the environment between nature and the city, it dances in the wetland Park, rising and falling from time to time.

▼ surrounding landscape ▼ the surrounding area ▼ unique geography ▼ near the mountain and by the river ▼ waterfront wetland park ▼ site photos the original building is a local reception center on the second floor.


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