Warm heart: 10 healing buildings in the world

The spacious roof terrace is an ideal choice for sunbathing.

05 home for the aged oesterbye   Retraat house if you hike along the scenic path in the central natural area of jalander, you will pass this simple and simple wooden house.

It is located a few kilometers south of the French border, Cape creus, a rocky Peninsula near the coast of Brava, Spain.

It is not only the artistic expression of designers on design, but also a good place for people to punch in and heal themselves.

It is like a sunflower turning its head to track the sun.

06 pixelated tower pixel building, located at 6 stacinu street, including street retail space, office space, independent apartment and roof swimming pool.

The surrounding vegetation maintains its original state, so when you first look at the cabin, you will feel as if you are floating in a green ocean.

Because the appearance of the building is very vivid and unique, it virtually injects vitality into the whole community.

The whole floor building looks like open drawers from the outside.

04 nursery speelpleinstraat nursery is built in a park surrounded by tall trees.

So as to reduce the energy demand of the building itself and effectively ensure the temperature and comfort inside the building.

The gentle texture created by logs creates a sense of architectural fluency with a harmonious line.

The outdoor sky is one, and the indoor cotton and hemp logs feel warm.

The open balcony makes the apartment collect the outside light and air to the greatest extent.

The North facade is characterized by a large balcony facing the mountains, while the two sides of the building are perforated with pixel patterns, full of artistic and scientific sense.

Courtyard swimming pool, outdoor lounge chair, wood kitchen and bench…

The architect has planted lush plants on each floor, which acts as a natural barrier and enters the room through the scenery.

You can watch sunrise, sunset, Songgang and Xiangyan.

These shaded open-air rooms not only provide thermal cushioning for indoor activities, but also provide relaxation and entertainment space for outdoor activities..

The balcony is like a private garden, with plants overflowing, making the whole building random and full of vitality.

08 Casa lum holiday house  •  Lum is located in Mount Faro, Portugal, surrounded by olive, apricot and cork trees.

The comfortable and open balcony, its own garden and broad vision make this double-layer high balcony house with vegetation cover an ideal home environment for urban people.

This article is a selection of “planner’s notes”.

Against the lush rocks and shrubs on the edge of the cliff, the white building is particularly prominent.

The oak garden main house adopts an inverted design.

After carefully considering the surrounding environment, the designer came up with a way to adapt to local conditions.

The two snow-white buildings of the resort, Kosmos villa and Tara villa, are carved into a beautiful combination of curves, suggesting not only the celestial movement of the sun and moon, but also the undulating scenery.

09 Miami Design District tower Miami Design District tower is based on the retail on the ground floor, with a lounge and swimming pool on the top.

In particular, the ceiling height of up to 7 meters makes the whole space very open.

A 75 foot high swimming pool with infinite edges on three sides divides the house into two and extends under the largest oak tree.

And the seemingly simple architecture actually contains rich scientific knowledge.

In this atmosphere, the dark blue sea and the changing sky bring a feeling of crossing the starry sky.

The ever-changing high seas landscape outside the house is undoubtedly a great enjoyment for the House residents.

The design of the whole house comes from the dual satisfaction of landscape and sunshine.

Sunflower house sunflower house sunflower house is located on the edge of a cliff above the Mediterranean Sea with amazing scenery.

Each room extends in different directions to optimize the sunlight and have a panoramic view of the vast sea.

There are public spaces above the bedroom.

In the design process of the whole building, the interaction with nature is fully considered.

The building has 76 units, Each will have a panoramic view of the surrounding blocks.

The unique environment requires a unique architectural style.

Not only the air convection of the whole building is particularly good, but also the daylighting is a great feature of it.

01 healing home Kosmos healingstaykosmos Kosmos is built on the edge of a cliff.

From a distance, the prominent cube looks like a geometric abstract modernist sculpture.

These public spaces are buried in the mountains under a green herbal roof.

The villa is designed by Pedro Dominguez alcuits in a minimalist style and integrated into the local architectural language.

The whole building makes full use of the earth’s heat and mass principle to promote the building’s absorption of the earth’s heat and mass through heat accessibility and high thermal inertia.

You can enjoy yourself in the arms of nature.

The 8000 square foot house is integrated with the surrounding landscape.

That is to design the building as a pavilion in the park, as if it is connected with the park and complementary to the surrounding environment.

Each bedroom faces different natural phenomena.

The Vanilla Garden in the back can let the fragrance diffuse freely in the air…

The back of the building faces south and the sun shines directly.

The house is mainly made of concrete, the upper floor is limestone, and all building materials follow the principle of returning to nature.

You can have a panoramic view of the surrounding scenery.

02 oak pass oakpass house is located at the top of a ridge overlooking the whole Canyon, surrounded by more than 130 oak trees that need to be protected.

03 drawer house ppastructures drawer house is designed based on the model of “large residential area” popular in 1960.

The stone floor adopts a neutral tone of blue gray, the diving and inclined walls and ceilings adopt white, and the public space on the ground floor is sparsely equipped with modern elements, making the landscape the center.

The reason why the article is called the healing department is that these buildings have the form of “religious” structures.

The neutral palette of white walls and concrete floors defines the modern exquisite and simple aesthetic style of the exterior and interior.

Indoors, the white de minimalist aesthetics endows the room with a neutral temperament.

Here, you can’t see the existence of concrete, because it becomes the material of the building platform and the whole bottom layer, which ensures that the whole house is in a solid state in a secret way.

Large ribbon buildings stand outside the base and surround the base.

In the lounge, guests can relax in front of the magnificent scenery like rock, while in the cathedral like restaurant, they can sit at the customized oak table and enjoy the scenery while eating.

But on the ground, you can see the original wooden buildings, as if they were bred from natural forests.

The house was built entirely of local materials, with the only exception of the high-tech glass common in skyscrapers, which had to withstand not only gusts of wind and sun, but also extreme humidity in coastal areas.

So you can see that the whole nursery building is grand, but the lines are smooth.

This resort is inspired by the sky vortex of planets and stars.

You can see the beautiful scenery like rock.

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Through the window sill connected with the outside, you can intuitively enjoy the beautiful scenery of lakes, forests and the sky.


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