During the holidays, the school of architecture visited discipline leaders and went to alumni enterprises to carry out research

The employer’s visit and the return visit of graduates not only strengthened the contact between schools and enterprises and between teachers and students, but also added a force to the joint construction of schools and enterprises and alumni work of our college.

and president Jin Wen warmly welcomed our teachers.

Since the winter vacation, Zhu Weixin, Secretary of the general Party branch of the school of architecture, led the teaching principals, department heads and full-time teachers to visit Xia Yibing, the leader of architecture discipline, Shi Defa, the leader of landscape architecture discipline, and discuss the discipline development direction, team formation The cultivation of high-quality talents is deeply discussed.

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First, give a good first lesson of “entering the classroom” and understand what architecture majors learn, how to learn and what they learn; The second is to teach the first lesson of “stepping into work” and understand what I can do and what kind of “output” I can create.

Under the leadership of Professor Xia Yibing, our teachers visited Hangzhou Architectural Design Institute Co., Ltd.

Zhu Weixin, Secretary of the general Party branch of our college, thanked president Jin for his high evaluation of our graduates.

During the on-the-spot investigation of the talks, the two sides also carried out in-depth discussions on promoting student practice and training, specialty setting and talent training mode.

He told alumni to work hard and strive for greater progress and achievements.

Under the guidance of national policies, we should strive to play the leading role of “Park City”; He mentioned that the talent training of landscape architecture specialty should be employment oriented, strengthen the training and investment of landscape construction and supervision, cultivate “grounded” landscape talents, help the revitalization of rural areas and the construction of “Park City”.

More excellent graduates are welcome to join us.

Wang Jiacheng (architecture level 13, graduated in June 2018), Lu Weitao (architecture level 14, graduated in June 2019) and Ruan Yun (architecture level 15, graduated in June 2020) on the left first floor of the first row (architecture level 16, graduated in June 2021) the first line left sanzhuo Jiawei (architecture level 15, graduated in June 2020) the first line left Sizhu Xu Hui (architecture level 17, will graduate in June 2022) source: School of architecture editor: Luo Chunyan, preliminary review: Liu Shenglan, final review: Mao rujun..

Professor Xia Yibing reviewed his “fate” with the school of architecture for more than ten years.

He served as an off campus tutor for the “one course and two teachers” of architectural design course since 2005, and then served as the discipline leader of architecture to carry out research and Discussion on teaching and scientific research such as training scheme.

On the one hand, it gives full play to the exemplary and leading role of leaders, and also creates opportunities for teachers to exchange and discuss, pointing out the direction of struggle for our professional development, discipline development and teachers’ personal development.

Visiting the discipline leader – Shi Defa, the first on the left of the picture is Professor Shi Defa.

During the investigation, Feng Jing, director of the Department of architecture, introduced in detail the situation of students majoring in architecture and the talent training mode; President Jin introduced the current scale, development plan and business structure of the enterprise.

When talking about the graduates of Zhijiang college, he was particularly pleased to say that many students come to our unit for internship every year, including those who graduated from the eighth School of architecture and others with “good origins”, but the students of Zhijiang college stay to become our “comrades in arms” and colleagues every year.

He believes that the major of landscape architecture is a knowledge integrating planning, design, construction and supervision.

He believes that in order to cultivate persistent architects and achieve the seamless link between schools and enterprises, the key is to have a good “Two Courses” of starting education and cultivate students’ professional quality and feelings.

It is believed that under the guidance of discipline leaders, our teachers will continue to collide with the spark of thought and condense the wisdom of development, Boost the construction of the college’s first-class regional applied university.

It should also represent Zhijiang university to win better reputation and popularity in the society and in the industry.

Some have become “bidding experts”, some have become “software experts”, and some have their own works “landing presentation”.

They can settle down and be willing to start with a “screw”.

The teachers benefited a lot from the visit of discipline leaders.

The above picture shows a group photo of some outstanding alumni who are now working in Hangzhou architectural design and Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Professor Shi Defa recalled the early stage of the establishment of Landscape Architecture Specialty in the school of architecture in 2012, and was very pleased with the development of landscape architecture specialty and the achievements made by teachers and students in professional competitions, teaching and scientific research in recent years.

They are not arrogant or impetuous, have strong learning ability, have certain pressure resistance, and can grow rapidly in their work.


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