Understand eight European architectural styles at a glance


Although they believe in God, they believe that God is also human, but God is more perfect than ordinary people.

When you see here, you will find that the later Roman style vaguely reveals the arrival of the next era- 05  – The bony spire, brother’s representative buildings: Notre Dame de Paris, Bishop’s Church of Milan, Cathedral of Cologne, Notre Dame de Paris.

The sense of flying makes this building integrated with the whole city..

In fact, in addition to its large scale, it has no innovation in form, which makes it perfect not only in function and form, but also in structure.

Parthenon temple is located in the Acropolis of Athens, with a history of more than 2000 years and many square columns.

The restoration of the Acropolis of Athens and even the place where the ancient Greeks gave the gods to live, the shape is also very simple.

The combination of a large number of arches and columns says that it is impeccable.

But each of the 46 columns here has its own careful machine.

The high bell towers are sandwiched into the gables of the nave to form a new model of symmetry.

Why did he want to learn the style of ancient Roman architecture? It is because in Europe after the tenth century, people’s spirit has been developed and they feel that they can’t make do with the silent society as before.

The Roman Colosseum is four stories high, and each story uses different columns, but the more powerful column structure was widely used in the Renaissance thousands of years later.

The high and large dome usually becomes the composition center of the whole building.

This kind of architecture originated in France in the 12th century.

While inheriting the ancient greek column technology, they also created the arch structure, so as to obtain a broader internal space.

In the whole design, they use sharp rib vaults, flying buttresses and slender vertical columns to create a light and slender feeling of flying.

The large-scale St.

When you find a building with huge and thick walls and even arcades, it is a Roman style architecture.

In the Colosseum and the Pantheon, you can see the perfect application of the coupon arch structure.

Why? When we look at the Parthenon temple, the representative of ancient Greek architecture, we know what form ancient Greek architecture was in its infancy.

As a romantic capital, Gothic architecture clearly reflects the romance of the French.

I think the place where God lives is just a higher house than ordinary people.

In St.

We see a large number of vertical elements on the wall and begin to show upward momentum.

These columns appear to be of equal width and vertical, but in fact they are slightly thicker in the middle, and the more peripheral the columns are, the more inclined they are to the middle.

It has a tight structure, coordinated proportion and solemn dignity.

Among the existing Greek architectural sites, their shapes have a common feature that the layout is clear, solemn and harmonious, mainly including public buildings such as temples, theatres and arenas.

Both the Taj Mahal in India and the St.

In the later period of Speyer Cathedral in Germany, the Roman style of the 12th century spread with Catholicism, adding local characteristics in different places.

The prosperity of Roman architecture is inseparable from the external expansion of the Roman Empire.

Waved Anchor

It condenses the stability of marble into an integrated majestic momentum, but through exquisite design, it gives people a kind of spiritual, light and wonderful beauty- 02 – arch, column and thick wall are three in one representative buildings of ancient Rome: Roman Colosseum, severu Arc de Triomphe, Roman Pantheon, Roman pantheon.

We see his appearance as four straight soldiers standing in the palace of the security center.

In almost all public buildings, especially the dome used in churches, it is centered on a large space surrounded by many small spaces.

In order to meet the needs of multi-storey and tall buildings, they inherited the column characteristics of ancient Greece and developed two new columns.

Today, we will spend a few minutes to learn about the palace, which symbolizes the peak of power- 01 – triangular lintel + square columns: Ancient Greek representative buildings: Parthenon temple, Acropolis in Athens and Parthenon temple in Olympia.

The biggest feature of Byzantine architecture is the extensive application of dome.

Of course, he also made innovations in wolmes cathedral.

Basil cathedral in Moscow were influenced by Byzantine architecture.


The war made Rome unify the most advanced areas along the Mediterranean coast.

The built internal space is developed and has strong adaptability, and developed the internal space art of architecture.

For example, the simple and simple style of Roman style is gradually disappearing, and the lines, corners and decorations are gradually increasing.

The “West Building” is adopted, and 1 ~ 2 minarets and bell towers are built on the West facade.

Sophia Cathedral also changes in the interior of the building.

The light in the church is dim, which creates a mysterious artistic conception.

It is lined with exquisite sculptures.

When you see the buildings surrounded by columns, simple shape and childish structure, you know they are buildings in ancient Greece.

Although the architecture of ancient Rome has been more than 2000 years ago, its style is unique.

The thick walls of ancient Roman buildings can be as thick as 6.2 meters, and they are all concrete.

Who can borrow it? They took a fancy to the Roman style and began to imitate the architectural style of the Roman era.

Sophia Cathedral, Constantinople, Kiev Sophia Cathedral.

Their structures are the same, and the outline of the dome is fuller, and the building shape is more concentrated and straight.

The spire is towering into the cloud, the outline is strong and geometric, the wall is thin, and many colored glass are installed.

There is a large dome on the intersection of the cross.

The interior decorative painting of St.

Sometimes a “four gathering tower” is built and a bell tower is set on it.

The surface of the picture is covered with gold foil and decorated with gemstones and pearls, making the whole church golden and gorgeous- 04  – Maverick eye + circular arcade Roman architecture is eight, nine and ten representative buildings: Pisa inclined tower, baptistery hall Pisa inclined tower.

When you see the thick wall and circular arch combined into a circle, you probably think of the ancient Roman Colosseum.

Maybe you will think it is ordinary.

One of the innovations of Roman church is to add bell towers on both sides of the front of the church.

What do you know about the art of European architecture? In each palace, the love and hatred of princes and princesses are contained, and the sword and shadow of power are witnessed.

                             The windows can’t be opened too large, so there is less daylighting.

After learning and absorbing the semi-circular arch structure of ancient Rome, Byzantine sail arch and other national art, this led to the heavy and thick wall of Roman architecture, and the doors and windows on the wall were arched.

Sophia Church is the architecture of the Empire in its heyday.

Of all architectural styles, this building is the best recognized.

However, in the Byzantine Empire, this type of architecture formed a unique Byzantine system.

Of course, it integrates the strength of a country and the brilliance of an era.

In general Byzantine architecture, the architectural composition center of the Taj Mahal in India is often the most prominent.

I hear these words, Gothic architecture comes into view.

Sophia Cathedral appears in front of you.

So people’s enthusiasm for building churches rose unprecedentedly, but when they wanted to build a new church, the craftsmen didn’t have any new ideas, so they began to “retro style”.

It looks like a cross.

For every 1 meter or so, a layer of large bricks will be built.

The temple is all decorated with carvings and reliefs.

The exchange and integration of culture and architecture promoted a new wave of architectural prosperity- 03 – big dome with cross: representative Byzantine buildings: St.

Around this central component, some small components that coordinate with it are often arranged orderly.

Mark’s Cathedral, there are 4000 square meters of mosaic mosaics describing the deeds of St.


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