The studios of 17 architects, the birthplace of those classic buildings

It survives the lost things and continues to grow and spread.

The only channel for employees to contact the outside world is five public telephones, which are also within the sight of Tadao Ando.

The glass conference room in the atrium can have a panoramic view of the whole courtyard landscape, and the rich vegetation also maintains a certain privacy space in the glass conference room.

This is the technique commonly used by Alto in his later works – making the indoor space outdoor and staged.

It is like a peach blossom garden hidden in the city, which is out of place compared with the crowded and noisy streets of Ahmedabad, India.

The building is arranged around a terrace similar to an open-air theater in the courtyard with a rational but changeable shape.

Part of the studio is dug into the underground half floor to achieve better thermal insulation effect“ The collection and drainage of rainwater from the vault of the indoor working space on the basement half floor of Sanga studio is introduced into the pool in the courtyard through dripping and drainage channels, which also plays a role in cooling the building“ He Jingtang academician architecture studio is located in the campus of South China University of technology.

Architects are free to stay, rest and chat here after work.

In this way, Dorsey interweaves the past and the present, which also reflects his view that architecture is alive.

This corner processing not only enlarges the indoor space visually, but also forms a small square from the outside, which is a pun on architectural language.

Alto himself once said, “architecture is an art that cannot be created in an office environment.” Studio entrance Alto’s studio is inconspicuous.

The embodiment of humanism and attention to nature in spatial details.

The most remarkable feature of the studio is that it has a five storey daylighting atrium, which connects the open working areas of each floor.

From the outside, there is only a small sign and concrete wall.

In addition, there is a very important corner space in the studio.

   A small meeting room full of natural light, with walls displaying drawings, is also the place where Alto met with customers before his death.

At the same time, as an architectural studio, it should be able to meet the environment required for architectural creation and stimulate work enthusiasm.

This “sharing” atmosphere makes the studio a harmonious village.

The original large trees are retained in the atrium of the courtyard.

One was his own house, which was designed from 1935 to 1936, and also served as his studio; The other is a studio designed in 1955 and expanded from 1962 to 1963.

Ando can master who employees talk about with at the first time.

The operation of the studio is project-centered.

It’s incredible that this is the official entrance of the studio.

It has been listed as a municipal historic building.

Cast In Loop

The transformation turned the original residence into a seven storey studio with two floors underground and five floors above the ground.

The main building of Alto studio in the studio office area is white, but the building materials are concrete and red brick.

It looks like a very low-key door.

The diffuse light on the white wall is very much like the outdoor scene.

When we lament the amazing buildings created by the masters, can we be curious about the place where the architects work and the birthplace of those classic buildings.

During his lifetime, Alva Alto designed two studios for himself.

  The greening of the roof uses a plant called “conifer”, which can be evergreen all the year round without watering, and has a good roof thermal insulation effect.

For him, this is life.

Alto has to read, work, play and relax at home every day.

The specially designed pick-up platform at the corner is the visual focus in this space, although it is only used to test lamps according to Alto himself.

The operation process of the project is continuously promoted in the alternation of divergent and centralized working methods.

The middle of the studio is empty to form a semicircular open-air theater, because “empty the best site and make nothing on it” is one of Alto’s ideas, so that we can enjoy the most beautiful side of nature, It has not been destroyed or transformed.

Dorsey’s “Sangjia architect studio” was completed in 1981.

Design the studio like home, and the home like studio.

Xiaojiangshan architectural studio is a building of special significance to architects.

Similar work considerations can be said to permeate every corner of his home.

It was originally the residential area of professors during the old Sun Yat sen University in the 1930s.

It is a place for Dorsey and his team to work, communicate and study daily“ Sangath means “work together through participation”.

Academician he Jingtang hopes to introduce the artistic conception of “transparent”, “quiet” and “faint” of Lingnan Garden into the transformed studio, and continue the history, culture, texture and atmosphere.

As long as Ando climbs the stairs, he can have a panoramic view of the employees working at their desks.

It imitates a street corner in a small mountain city in Italy.

It is located in a relatively complete block.

Alto’s house / studio designed for himself is experimental, and many of his design techniques are used in these houses for the first time.

In Dorsey’s view, Sangjia is not only a studio, but also a learning village, but also a channel into his life course“ Sangjia architect studio “is praised by many as the best building in dorsi and one of the most environmentally friendly buildings in the world.

Studio appearance Tadao Ando’s studio was originally transformed from his designed residence.

Open office wall books   Frank Gehry’s corrugated side chair quietly occupied a corner of the stairs, and the architectural models hanging on the wall were also eye-catching   Dadian studio prohibits the use of mobile phones, e-mail and even faxes.

The team adheres to the architectural concepts of two views (overall view and sustainable development view) and three characteristics (regional, cultural and contemporary) for phased renewal and transformation.

He will design a grid of drawing board in the cabinet, and the living room and dining room are also open to employees.

The office space and traffic space revolve around the atrium, and Ando’s office area is located at the bottom of the atrium.

On the one hand, it is necessary to stimulate the enthusiasm of creative individuals, on the other hand, it is necessary to strengthen the collaborative effectiveness of creative groups..

For a living and human architect like Alto, he has the same requirements for his work space as home.

It is intended that when it is slowly damaged, the red brick will gradually appear, reflecting the timeliness of the building.

  On the whole, drawing on the practice of traditional Lingnan Garden, three Koi ponds of different sizes are arranged at the stop of the courtyard, closely integrating the lobby, conference room, reception room and other spaces, so as to integrate the indoor and outdoor space.

Here, not only everyone is equal, but also man and all things in nature are equal“ At the entrance of the overall layout of Sangha studio building, there is a circular “monument” on the ground woven with leaf patterns, which symbolizes a mango tree that once existed here.

Alto’s studio, created in the 1950s, is an L-shaped inward space.

The office is hidden behind a natural fence formed by a row of tall trees, and the exposed dome of the building implies its existence.

It is also listed as one of the 100 greatest buildings designed by 100 architects in the 1980s“ More than 60% of the building complex of “Sangjia architect studio” is an open courtyard, which eliminates the boundary of private space and forms a broad public place.

In such an open space, Tadao Ando is like a command tower, which controls everything that happens in the studio, but it also means that every move of Ando is exposed to the eyes of employees and monitored by employees all the time.

The studio has the most iconic fair faced concrete wall of Ando.

Since 2004, the school has taken this group of historical buildings as academician he Jingtang’s architectural creation research base and handed them over to academician he’s team.


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