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Number of people, exhaust room, ventilation times, more stringent value 2   Fresh air room, exhaust room and transition area 3.70% ~ 80% learn more…

    Hefei University is the first university to teach passive housing.

three   The efficiency of fresh air heat recovery can reach         。 (the reference answers are attached at the end of this issue.

                  (the factors to be considered in the actual implementation process are more complex and need to be comprehensively considered to solve contradictions and conflicts) 3.

In most cases, a passive housing project needs to involve a lot of knowledge, so I hope you can summarize your knowledge points in combination with the previous contents to help you grow better! [example reference answer] 1.

③ Noise: the control of noise can ensure the comfort of the room, which is controlled to 30 dB (there are different standards at different times and in different rooms, and the most commonly used standards are listed here).

  Si Daxiong, deputy director of the Department of architecture of the school of urban construction of Hefei University, teaches the course “design principles of passive houses” to architectural students of Hefei University, and goes online at 8 p.m.

Si explained the layout of fresh air duct in detail.

At the same time, considering that excessive motor efficiency will cost more on the fan, the motor efficiency is also an index that needs to be considered, which shall be controlled at ≤ 0.45wh/m3.

Before layout, we also need to consider the location of equipment, pipes with the shortest length as possible, small wind speed and the location of fresh air and exhaust pipes.

④ Noise reduction treatment of the equipment itself – sound insulation treatment and shock absorption flexible connection.

Let’s test ourselves through a few examples ~ [example] 1   It needs to be considered when determining the air volume of fresh air     、    、    。 When these factors conflict with national standards or landmarks, they should be selected     。 two   In the air distribution, in order to better arrange the air supply outlet, exhaust outlet and return outlet, we can divide the designed room into     、    、     Three categories.

every Saturday and Sunday.

Then, for the indoor fresh air heat recovery system, we need to take some noise reduction measures to ensure that the indoor noise meets the requirements.

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  Classroom scene     That’s all for this issue ~ ~ ~ the course on the principle of passive housing is coming to an end.

For example, the fresh air equipment is arranged in the corner of the bathroom away from the bedroom; There shall be a certain distance between the air outlet and the air supply outlet; The pipes shall be arranged along the wall and as short as possible; Install silencing pipe; According to the air distribution optimization scheme.

③ Pipe silencing – install silencing pipes for main and branch pipes.

After the selection of equipment, the control of air volume, the determination of heat recovery efficiency index and fresh air room, we can start to consider the reasonable layout of fresh air duct.

Hefei WaMu passive housing Consulting Co., Ltd.

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In the later stage, WaMu will continue to improve the training and teaching content and system.

② Motor efficiency: we don’t want the energy consumed by the motor itself to be greater than the energy that can be saved.

Through class practice, Mr.

In the previous courses, the thermal insulation, doors and windows, air tightness and thermal bridge we learned can play a good sound insulation effect on outdoor noise to varying degrees.

If you want to know more about the learning content of passive room, welcome to consult.

           Previous review            Through the lecture hall of ultra-low energy consumption buildings in the last phase, we learned about the air volume and air distribution of fresh air together, saw the fresh air equipment at a close distance, and had a deeper understanding of the heat recovery principle of fresh air equipment.

Si’s explanation to learn the new content of this issue.

As for the factors to be considered in heat recovery, we still focus on the nature of passive housing (energy saving, comfort and economy).

Remember to check after you finish)      Let’s get to the point! Follow Mr.

has been giving full play to its technical and platform advantages, cultivating talents in the field of ultra-low energy consumption buildings and improving the professional technology of industry talents, which is of great significance to China’s policy of “carbon peak and carbon neutralization”.

1 heat recovery of fresh air system ① heat recovery efficiency: heat recovery efficiency itself is the most direct indicator of energy saving of fresh air system, which is controlled at about 75%.

Measures for noise reduction of fresh air: ① keep away from the main functional area – it shall be set in the auxiliary room (kitchen and sanitary) far away from the main functional area          Room).

2 noise control is an important factor to ensure the comfort of passive room.

This needs to talk about an important concept – fresh air noise reduction.

② Make ceiling – play the role of sound insulation.

In this issue, we will continue to study the heat recovery section of fresh air heat recovery system.

Passive ultra-low energy consumption building (passive house) is the only way for building energy conservation and represents the future of the building.

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