Tsinghua University is on the list of China’s top ten Architectural Colleges. I didn’t expect it to be the last one!

Because it also makes great efforts to cultivate its own excellent graduates, many famous architects come from Tongji University.

In this school, its construction industry is also very excellent.


Harbin University of technology is also the most famous university with first-class Architecture Studies in the old cities of heavy industry in the three northeastern provinces.



Then the buildings on the campus are very beautiful, and the design is also very humanistic.

Then it is also a key university jointly established by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development and Shaanxi Provincial People’s government.

Then it is one of the eight famous architectural schools in China.

                                           Architects should be more popular in today’s society, which is also a great test of their artistic talent and control over details.

Then Harbin University of technology also attaches special importance to architecture studies.

Tongji University not only has a long history and heavy state support, but also is a university with the strictest enrollment standards.

Zhejiang University is located in the beautiful Hangzhou.

Then it has trained many excellent architectural graduates.

Southeast University, an established university, is a national key university directly under the central government and the Ministry of education.



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Zhejiang University has heaven above and Suzhou and Hangzhou below.


It is not only the top of the top ten Architectural Colleges in China, but also occupies a position in the top ten Architectural Colleges in the world.

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Not only many predecessors in the construction industry come to teach, but also they can always receive some very large projects in practice, So it is a very good school for children who come here to study architecture.

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South China University of technology was once a university in the excellent engineer education and training program, and its history and culture are also particularly excellent.


Moreover, this university is also praised as Oriental Cambridge by British historian of Science Li yosser, and it is also the most brilliant title in the hundred year history of Zhejiang University.

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As we all know, the buildings in Hangzhou are very, characteristic and innovative.

It is also a national first-class university supported by the state.

We can see how serious its architecture specialty is, and it has also cultivated a particularly famous architecture, Many of Huihong’s buildings are made by students majoring in architecture at Tsinghua University.

Tianjin University is also of great historical significance in this city, so it can feel different architectural styles in this school, and then it is also a first-class university under national key construction.

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Beijing Architecture University is a university specializing in architecture, so it has a great influence in the field of architecture, and then it is also a first-class university cultivated by the state.


Therefore, it is natural to learn very excellent architectural knowledge here.


However, if you really become a particularly famous architect, you can turn your ideals into reality in many aspects, which is also a very happy thing for everyone, For those children who want to apply for the College of architecture, so take an inventory of the top ten colleges of architecture in China.

Xi’an University of architecture and technology is one of the eight old schools of architecture in China.

Tsinghua University, a famous first-class university in China, has a very high reputation in the world.

Huazhong University of science and technology, which is also a double first-class university cultivated by the national 985211 project, has also transported a lot of architectural talents for the country in the field of architecture.


Therefore, it also has its own unique influence in the field of architecture.


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