Transformation | current appearance of construction service Industrial Park

We will continue to carry out special clean-up and rectification, strengthen law enforcement on disorderly parking, building and setting up billboards, and form a good situation in which local streets and traffic police brigade take the lead and all departments jointly manage.

In the past, we recommended taking multiple measures to increase berths to alleviate the “parking difficulty” of the industrial park.

Now, the site handover of the space under the Shenyang Haikou Expressway Bridge (Dongdai road to Baozhou section) will be completed, and the parking space of No.

At that time, I felt that the neighborhood was very busy and the greening was also very good.

To tell the truth, I was shocked.

Sometimes I was upset when I walked home.

Now, with such a renovation, there are fewer cars, wider roads, more standardized, and the mood is better! Q: what is your understanding of the construction service industrial park? I have worked in this area before.

The originally narrow road looked more crowded.

If everyone standardized, it wouldn’t be a traffic jam.

The road is narrow, the vehicles are parked and placed randomly, and the large trucks in and out of the park are constantly.

It has been more than a year since the park was opened on July 23, 2020.

03 in parking lot 1 of the industrial park mainly includes the reconstruction and upgrading of drainage, water supply, power communication, gas and other pipe networks of 6 roads (Dongdai Road, Tongji Road, Tongxing Road, Chengzhou Road, Xingye street and Zhiyi Road), as well as the systematic upgrading of road landscape greening and public space.

Improve damaged roads and add drainage pipes to solve the problem of road ponding.

All relevant units will implement it one by one according to the defined task list, ensure quality and quantity, and accelerate the construction and operation progress of Quanzhou construction service industrial park.

The project was started on May 6, and the construction was carried out in sections.

The park has completed the construction of two parking lots.

I had to be blocked on the road after work for a long time.

The current appearance of the park is to improve the current situation of the industrial park and create a more beautiful and unified industrial park.

Plastic Nail Plate

I’m very happy to see what it looks like now! Q: how do you feel about the remediation effect? Originally, the parking of electric cars and cars was in a mess.

I didn’t find out how much the problem of parking and littering had affected me until I bought the car.

At present, the excavation and embedding of sewage pipeline trenches in Dongdai Road, Tongji Road, Tongxing road and Xingye street have been completed.

The construction of the industrial park will change the situation of idle plants and waste of resources in the original industrial zone and optimize the industrial layout.

Talk asked how to treat the environmental improvement around the industrial park? I have to say that now the environment of the whole park is getting better and better! I moved here at the end of last year.

Until last year, I saw the office building of this industrial park and recently I often saw the advertising of the construction Industrial Park on the road.

  Road renovation No.04 environmental renovation around the park the park has completed the construction of sentry boxes and the establishment of comprehensive law enforcement teams.

I rented it directly, but I didn’t think too much.

At present, the coordination and promotion working group of Quanzhou construction service industrial park has made a detailed work breakdown table on the general requirements and tasks in the second half of the year.

Quanzhou construction service industrial park is located in Chengzhou Industrial Zone, Quanxiu street, Fengze District.

The reconstruction of the old industrial zone has a long way to go and has a promising future, It is the pursuit of every worker to have a better living, office and entertainment environment! Seeing the current changes, I am more full of expectations for the future of the industrial park! A: I believe that through our joint efforts, the municipal facilities around the industrial park will become more and more perfect, and the surrounding environment of the industrial park will become more and more beautiful.

In response to this problem, the construction Industrial Park cooperates with the comprehensive law enforcement brigade to rectify the phenomenon of disorderly parking and littering in the park and improve the traffic environment of the park.

After one-year transformation, the surrounding environment and internal supporting facilities of the park are gradually improved: the reconstruction of buildings in No.01 Park retains buildings with good building quality, excellent style and complete supporting facilities, and the construction quality is general The buildings whose style and internal space are inconsistent with the needs of the Industrial Park shall be reconstructed, and the buildings with poor building quality, poor style and low land use efficiency shall be demolished.

The old factory buildings and new appearance of the construction service industrial park can gather wisdom and make a new makeup for the industrial park in the future! Website of Quanzhou construction service Industrial Park|。.

Reconstruction of parking lot in park No.02, complex building of the industrial park in order to further promote the economical, intensive and efficient use of land, revitalize idle land resources, change the park from “difficult parking” to “good parking”, and eliminate the disorderly parking around the park, Fengze urban construction group has added and optimized parking spaces in the industrial park, improved hardware facilities, and made efforts to improve the business environment of the park.

For more than a year, it has always adhered to the concept of “innovative services, building and sharing, and activating development”, optimized the quality of space environment, worked hard to create a pleasant, livable and tourable dynamic industrial Park, and strive to become a new business card of Quanzhou passed down by people.

I feel that the environment is ordinary and the buildings are old.

The road renovation of Park No.

Generally speaking, it was “dirty and messy”.

So far, the settled enterprises have basically completed the internal decoration.

It is transformed from old factories in the industrial zone.

Traffic improvement No.06 internal decoration of the park building A10 complex building, the first demonstration building of Quanzhou construction service Industrial Park, has completed the internal public part decoration in 2020.

Comprehensive law enforcement team of the industrial park No.05 traffic improvement of the park road traffic problem in the park has always been a difficulty.

Internal decoration of the complex building in view of the above problems, Quanzhou construction service Industrial Park formed a construction coordination and promotion working group to accelerate the smooth progress of Quanzhou construction service industrial park project.

1 parking lot in the park will be added to solve the problem of parking difficulty in the park.


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