[Rulan share] Ocean: Anhui Hongcun (2) architecture

Walking into a courtyard, following the direction of people’s guidance, they look up to the dark attic, like a foot bound girl walking on a three inch Golden Lotus and stretching her neck in a Luo skirt.

But its exquisite artistic charm lies in various carvings with rich moral.

In addition to the blue bricks and white tiles and the Huizhou architectural symbols of the horse head wall, there are brick carvings, wood carvings and stone carvings in Huizhou, which are known as “Huizhou three carvings”, representing the spiritual and moral pursuit of Huizhou merchants at that time.

Like all kinds of carvings, they constantly carve themselves, improve themselves, and achieve the purpose of inheriting and educating future generations.

The so-called smart design legend that fat water does not flow into outsiders’ fields.

When you meet a blind date, you will see her beloved husband through a small window as small as a hole, and others can’t find her.

According to records, exquisite carving themes are generally divided into auspicious patterns, reading poems, story bridges, myths and legends, natural beauty, life scenes, Bogu patterns, etc., which are best preserved in Hongcun and Xidi.

It’s strange to visit the outside world.

It is a Feng Shui building close to mountains and rivers, and the legend of Miss’s mysterious boudoir, which is like a quiet narration of ancient stories.

The rain in rainy days will also fall into the patio along the skylight.

They often choose some stories and legends as themes, and integrate woodcarving into the thought of benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom and faith.

With curiosity and exploration of ancient stories, we were amazed to find that the lifelike character carvings on the suspension beam are exquisite, vivid and exquisite, such as the character carvings in the battle of Chibi in the story of the Three Kingdoms and the life picture of Guo Ziyi in the drama.

After war and various hardships, they can be preserved.

They are vivid, huge and vivid, and are still intact today.

The high boudoir has killed many girls’ beautiful dreams and yearning for the beauty of life.

On that day, the sky cover (skylight) in the well sprinkled wisps of light and sunshine into the tall and dark yard.

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It’s inconvenient for them to go out and show up, You can only linger in the high attic, or look up at the starry sky outside the square sky, and watch the loneliness of years.

It is a rich physical remains of mankind.

Pictures and texts of Hongcun ancient architecture   ocean     Huizhou ancient architecture contains rich historical information and cultural connotation.

The carvings on the windows and doors have a simple and auspicious implication of folk customs, such as the inverted pattern design of five bats, which contains the meaning of longevity of five blessings at the door; For example, “journey to the east of Eight Immortals” on the lotus door of the wing room conveys a happy, lively and festive atmosphere; There are also various carving lines, such as cloud pattern and water pattern, which means to avoid fire; Ice plum pattern symbolizes nobility and holiness; Slub pattern symbolizes noble sentiment; The copper coin pattern implies a wide range of financial resources.

      The main characteristics of Huizhou ancient residential buildings are in the form of wooden framed courtyard houses with “four water return hall”, which is like the quadrangle in the north, but different from the characteristics of the north.

This ancient architectural design seems to have mysterious color and mystery, which makes people imaginative.

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