Top ten Chinese construction companies in the eyes of foreign media!

Do design, find the graduate team of Laoba school majoring in design cloud to guide you to graduate and solve your worries


We not only have excellent technology, but also have a wide range of customized contents|   Indoor|   Landscape planning|   All majors can do △   Ordos Museum △   Shenzhen Bay Cultural Plaza △ Beijing siheyuan kindergarten △ Ningbo History Museum △ Library of Wenzheng College of Suzhou University △ Fuyang Wencun reconstruction project △ Beijing Junshan aesthetic life Museum △ No.31 △ Fuzhou teahouse △ Xunda city △ captain’s house reconstruction △ seaside church △ seaside library △ Suzhou Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum △ Shenzhen OCT Design Museum △ Yang Liping Performing Arts Center Heart △ reconstruction of 80000 ton silo of Minsheng wharf △ Shanghai Dragon Art Museum △ Pinghe Book theater △ Pingshan Grand Theater △ Shanghai oil tank Art Center △ Hangzhou general reader bookstore △ Shanghai “mini patio residence” △ “Bafen garden” Art Museum △ the most artistic neighborhood center in Shanghai △ Suzhou Zhongshu Pavilion △ simple house △ seed wooden house △ mushroom wooden house △ Guizhou Dafa Tianqu tourist center △ wooden house Hotel –

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