Architecture, poetry written in nature! [universal design phase 2686]

The whole design pursues the concept of returning to nature and simplicity, the elegant brick wall restores the original state of the building structure, low-key and real texture changes, and creates a quiet and comfortable atmosphere.

3lc710taller Hector Barroso designed a residential area in Mexico City, which adopts warm color concrete wall structure.

Jijing design | Huajian hall · Yishui: rest by the water and heal the body and mind.

The landscape has become the uniqueness of the building.

It not only reminds people of Plato’s famous saying: “beauty exists in the eyes of the viewer.” △ space and natural landscape talk with each other to present the beauty of extreme harmony, a quiet space that can think, see and feel, and blur the boundaries of people, things and space.

The internal and external boundaries penetrate each other, and constantly give the building new life through the collision and dialogue between natural elements and the building.

The boundary of the first floor space extends to the outside, which reflects the natural scenery, connects the relationship between people and things, and explores the beauty hidden in the landscape.

The designer hopes to create a quiet, comfortable and ethereal rest place away from the noise of the city.

Each house is similar in shape.

Take vegetation, mud and stone, draw natural texture, and give people spatial perception and shock with its unique beauty.

It forms a harmonious order in a misplaced natural combination.

Feel the light, air and rain in the building, return the mind to peace, connect the inner line with the horizon and talk to each other.

5 Casa Bezares designers try their best to think about the relationship between the architectural works and nature, seek the communication between man and nature in architecture, and create a “Utopian” space with physical and mental comfort and freedom.

The carefully designed plants become the viewing interest in the space and create a natural and comfortable atmosphere.

Architecture is not just a container.

The continuous appearance of the ceiling wall presents a regular and natural beauty.

Blu League – humble administration in Suzhou Jiangnan: a Suzhou City, half of Jiangnan poems! Launch.

Entrepinos built a five house resort in taller h é ctor Barroso, a vast forest area in Valle de Bravo, Mexico.

Original articles in Dunhuang, east post and desert solitude are strictly prohibited without authorization.

It is simple and pure order to build a natural and spiritual outline.

It is endowed with different emotion and meaning by people and time, and emits eternal beauty in life.

As the Architectural Center, the courtyard is a combination of static and dynamic among flowers, grass and trees, which is organized into the most beautiful picture, like an architectural poem that shines in nature.

There is nothing special, there is no special time, but it gives the temperature of spiritual healing in the daily time.

The building is made of a large number of soil block materials, pine and concrete with local characteristics in Mexico, which greatly localizes, modernizes and poetics the building, and creates the symbiosis between the building and the natural environment.

The designer hopes to create a resort hidden in the green jungle.

The color sense of ceiling wall forms a sharp contrast with the ground, and the conversion between implicit and explicit shapes the overall personality.

  Poetry of nature   Taller Hector Barroso is a Mexican architecture firm founded by H é ctor Barroso in 2011.

△ architectural details in these transition spaces, you can walk freely and enjoy the elegance and quiet of the environment.

Inspired by the surrounding environment and the influence of local culture, the geometric rhythm of the appearance echoes with the natural sound.

△ take advantage of the natural scenery to build a warm and moist interior of the bedroom, with rough wall texture and wooden shutters.

Rediscover the hidden order in life, look for eternity in the solidification time, and tell the story of things in silence.

He is good at using the local natural resources of the project, including materials, vegetation and geology, to create a regional expression of architectural spirit, and his works seek to build a harmonious symbiosis with the environment.

The interior uses traditional crafts and materials to create a warm atmosphere in the countryside.

The floor is centered on the open courtyard, and the integration of interior and outdoor.

Recently, hot article ▽ was launched.

△HéctorBarroso   Riba1 house in avandaro △ the perfect integration of architecture and nature project is located in Valle de Bravo Town, about 150 kilometers west of Mexico City.

Wire Lifting Loop

Qizhu design | simple and elegant, warm and refreshing! The 500 year old house of Italian fashion celebrities is a new home, and the top customized kitchen is also full of fashion! First episode.

It was designed by taller Hector Barroso and completed in 2015.

The 4g89 project is located in Mexico.

In the space design, the decorative details are reduced to the minimum, so it is very simple and simple.


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