To interpret the technical standard for prefabricated concrete buildings, just remember three numbers!

Its technology integration innovation is reflected in clarifying the concept, connotation and top-level design of prefabricated building; For the first time, four building integrated systems of prefabricated buildings are constructed; The system integration design of prefabricated building is proposed; Take the building as a complete product for overall design; The sustainable quality technology in the whole life cycle of prefabricated buildings is emphasized; Put forward the construction mode requirements for the “six modernizations” of prefabricated buildings.

Complete in an all-round way Improve the production and construction system, establish and improve the prefabricated building code system covering the whole process of design, production, construction, use and maintenance, and promote the innovation of construction methods.

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Today, we will make an in-depth interpretation of the technical standards for prefabricated concrete buildings.

The prefabricated building is designed according to the modular coordination, modular and standardized design, unified interface, and the system of parts and components is realized according to the principle of less specifications and more combinations Listing and diversification.

The development of prefabricated buildings is an important measure to implement the decision-making and deployment of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council.

Innovative integrated building design is based on the integration of international advanced prefabricated building systems, plans the structural system, peripheral protection system, equipment and pipeline system and interior decoration system, and promotes the integrated design and promotion Modular, standardized and universal design methods, actively apply building information model technology and improve the collaborative design ability of various disciplines in the construction field.

The direction of “full coordination” The compilation of the technical standard for prefabricated concrete buildings highlights the integration and coordination of all specialties of prefabricated buildings, gives full play to the leading role of the construction specialty, and solves the problems that some previous prefabricated building codes emphasize single specialty of structure, poor connection between specialties, and pay attention to structure, light construction, light electromechanical design, etc.

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The introduction of the technical standard for prefabricated concrete buildings plays an important role in the sound development of prefabricated concrete buildings and the whole prefabricated buildings.

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Promote the full decoration of the building, and implement the collaborative construction of prefabricated building decoration, main structure and electromechanical equipment.

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▌ 3.

Optimize the production of parts and components, guide the all-round development of the production of parts and components in the construction industry, promote the professional, standardized and large-scale production of parts and components, and ensure product quality.

The framework of each chapter focuses on improving the overall top-level design innovation guidance of prefabricated buildings, highlights the integrated architectural characteristics of the complete construction product system of prefabricated buildings, focuses on the industrialized production, installation and management methods of prefabricated parts of complete construction products, and solves the basic problems of realizing the innovation and development of prefabricated construction methods.

The five directions of upgrading and development the technical standard for prefabricated concrete buildings is not only an important measure to implement the modernization of the construction industry and promote the industrialization of new buildings, but also an important path to implement the green building action.

3 the six principles of top-level design.

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one   The four basic principles of the system integration, the “standard technical standard for fabricated concrete construction”, focus on the advanced and prospective standards.

At the same time, it is also important to change the building development mode, break the bottle neck constraints of energy and resources, cultivate new strategic industries such as energy conservation and environmental protection, and promote resource-saving The construction of an environment-friendly society is of great significance to fundamentally promote the circular development of economy and the sustainable development of society.

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At present, China’s national standards in the field of prefabricated buildings mainly include one evaluation standard and three technical standards.

They are composed of general principles, terminology, basic provisions, architectural design and integrated design, production and transportation of construction parts, construction and installation, acceptance, use and maintenance.

The technical standard for prefabricated concrete buildings creatively constructs a prefabricated building with industrialized construction mode – a system integration process of the whole discipline and the whole process – which is based on the industrialized construction mode to realize the integration of four systems, including structural system, peripheral protection system, equipment and pipeline system and interior decoration system, as well as planning, design The process of integration of production and construction.

The preparation of technical standards for prefabricated concrete buildings in the direction of “whole process” highlights that prefabricated buildings should have a technical planning stage, evaluate the technical selection, technical and economic feasibility and constructability in the early stage of the project, scientifically and reasonably determine the construction objectives and technical implementation scheme, and emphasize that prefabricated buildings should adopt the building information model (BIM) Technology to realize the information management of the whole profession and the whole process.

They should meet the use and maintenance requirements of the whole life cycle of the building.

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Improve the overall construction standard, ensure the quality safety of the project and building throughout the life cycle, and adopt green building materials and parts with excellent performance to realize design, production, construction and inspection Integration of collection and operation and maintenance management.

The direction of “whole building” The preparation of technical standards for prefabricated concrete buildings highlights that prefabricated buildings should ensure the long-term quality of complete building products, advocate full decoration, integrate the design and construction of interior decoration system with structural system, peripheral protection system, equipment and pipeline system, adopt integrated components of industrial production, and advocate fabricated decoration.

Under the guidance and strong support of the state, prefabricated buildings are developing steadily in the direction of standardization, and the current standards are constantly improved.

Liu Weidong experts said: “four five six” can summarize the characteristics of prefabricated building concrete technical standards.

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Prefabricated buildings advocate the separation of the main structure and equipment pipelines.

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The technical direction and characteristics of the preparation of the technical standard for prefabricated concrete building include five aspects: ▌ 1.

As the prefabricated building with the highest market share, prefabricated concrete building leads the wind direction of dressed and matched building.

“Four five six” means that this standard has four foundations, five directions and six principles.

The key of prefabricated building system integration stipulated in the technical standard for prefabricated concrete buildings includes four foundations: first, it emphasizes that the construction of prefabricated buildings is the characteristic of system combination; The second is to solve the problem of coordination among the four systems; Third, solve the problem of coordination within each system; Fourth, highlight the overall performance and sustainability of prefabricated buildings.

The preparation of prefabricated building standards takes innovation driven, leading and upgrading as the core, constructs the top-level design of the industrialized construction integration system of modern prefabricated buildings, and fully implements the six basic principles: ▌ 1.

▌ 6.

The direction of “whole life” The preparation of the technical standard for prefabricated concrete buildings highlights that prefabricated buildings should comprehensively improve the housing quality and quality, reduce the maintenance cost in the later stage of the building, and prolong the service life of the building.

The direction of “all links” Technical standard for prefabricated concrete buildings The preparation highlights the whole process of the prefabricated building, that is, the coordination of design, production, construction, acceptance and other links, and adopts the method of system integration to coordinate the design, production, transportation, construction and installation, so as to realize the coordination of the whole process.

The development and upgrading direction of prefabricated building construction should pay attention to comprehensively improving the standard level, enhancing the awareness of long-term development, and moderately improving the standard’s requirements for technical indicators such as safety quality, performance quality, energy conservation and environmental protection and building life.

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Improve the level of assembly construction and guide the assembly type Improve the assembly, construction and connection quality of parts and components according to the construction technology.


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