[architectural communication] are the items on the drawing but not in the bill of quantities missing?

912: the construction design drawing is designed to fill the 30cm thick gravel permeable layer for the abutment.

It can also be considered that the bidder has considered the quotation by itself according to the bidding documents and the contract, and the owner does not agree to make changes, ×× The construction company’s request for direct measurement lacks basis, and its appeal reason cannot be established.

[opinion 1] some netizens also put forward that this should be due to the omission of items in the bill of quantities provided by the owner.

If you think there is a problem with the bill, you can put it forward within the Q & a period and ask the bid inviter to make a written explanation.

[reference case] (2020) Supreme FMZ judgment No.

Lifting Foot Anchor

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Architectural communication media ID: jianzhong001 [q] are the items not listed in the bill of quantities but listed in the construction design drawing missing? [answer] No.

For the total price contract, the settlement is based on the approved construction drawings, and the bill of quantities is not the basis of settlement for the total price contract, so no claim can be made during settlement.

Implementation stage: according to the composition of the construction contract of the construction project Analysis of interpretation sequence: ① agreement of the contract; ② Notification of award; ③ Bid and its attachments; ④ Special conditions of the contract; ⑤ General conditions of the contract; ⑥ Standards, specifications and relevant technical documents; ⑦ Drawings; ⑧ Bill of quantities; ⑨ Project quotation or budget.

The quantities and comprehensive unit price of the additional omitted items in the bill of quantities can be proposed by the contractor and confirmed by the employer as the basis for settlement.

Party A is responsible for the bill of quantities and bears the risk of error in the bill.

[another question] in project bidding, when the bill of quantities is inconsistent with the drawings, which shall prevail? [answer] bidding stage: the bill of quantities shall prevail.

In case of any inconsistency in the contract documents, the above order is the priority order of contract interpretation.

The design drawing has been provided to the bidder during the bidding.

At this time, it is not included in the contract bill of quantities.

If there is a major error in the bill, even if no doubt is raised, the settlement shall be based on the actual settlement.

The above contract documents shall be able to interpret and explain each other.

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[opinion 2] for the unit price contract, the quantities quoted in the bid are only the basis of the quotation, and the settlement is based on the quantities actually accepted by both parties.


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