The total construction area exceeds 50000 square meters! This project will be built in the start-up area

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The specific construction contents of the project include: aboveground Scientific Innovation Center (a#), information technology innovation center (b#), and comprehensive service center (C #) three buildings, underground garage and equipment room, civil air defense, restaurant, etc.

at the same time, outdoor projects such as square, road, greening, enclosure, gate and outdoor pipeline will be built.

Sponsor: Working Committee of Hebei xiong’an new area of the Communist Party of China; Management Committee of Hebei xiong’an new area; operation: Hebei Daily newspaper group source: People’s xiong’an network [editor | Liu Sicong] Cheer for xiong’an! Feel better here ↓↓..

According to the announcement, the land area of the project is 21037 square meters, with a total construction area of 51189 square meters, including 34203 square meters of aboveground construction area and 16986 square meters of underground construction area.

The public resources trading service platform of xiong’an new area recently released the announcement on General Contracting Bidding of science and innovation comprehensive service center (phase I) project It shows that the construction site of the project is located in plot d01-04-02, the eastern portal area of the science park area of the start-up area.


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