What happened to the Design Institute of building structure “ten thousand people persuaded to retreat”?

The success or failure of operation is often in the hands of “so few people”, and the work role and risk are not at the same level.

The charging mode of the design institute is mostly based on the quota.

On the one hand, the quota has not changed for many years; On the other hand, with the development of customer service as the center, the low price competition is becoming more and more intense.

Of course, the above phenomena are for most enterprises in the industry, which may be represented by the architectural design industry.

Now, the improvement of their efficiency has still entered the bottleneck.

10 years later, I still used CAD to draw pictures; Ten years ago, it was the master who led the disciples to teach by hand.

If you give a 20% discount, I will give a 70% discount.

When communicating with the fresh graduates of a “old eight school” recently, more than half of the graduates do not take the design institute as their first choice after graduation, but replace it with civil servants, the Internet, etc.

However, when the industry gradually peaked and went down, the impact of this inequality began to appear.

But now the world has changed.

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The salary of employees depends on the quality of business, and the quality of business often depends on the success or failure of operation.

The huge number of real estate companies such as Huaxia happiness, Hengda and so on, and many downstream architectural design institutes have also exposed the news of “layoffs” and “pay cuts”.

Compared with the high salary of Finance and Internet, the salary of natural design institute is not competitive.

The “inner roll” is frequent, the news of “sudden death” is frequent, and the voice of “Persuasion” is not so unexpected.

So why doesn’t the salary of the design institute seem to have increased significantly over the years? The author believes that it may be caused by the following reasons: first, the charging mode of the design institute has basically not changed.

Ten years later, it was still the inheritance of “the teacher led the disciples”.

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Second, the working mode of the design institute has basically not changed.

Although there is no official statistical caliber, the author can basically find from the communication process over the years that the salary of the design institute has not increased significantly in the past 10 years, or even pushed forward for 5 to 10 years.

On the other hand, with the implementation of the EPC mode, the trend of industrial design and construction integration is becoming more and more obvious.

In the end, the price is reduced, the workload is not reduced, but also increased, and the charge per unit workload is reduced, so the “cost performance” of salary is also reduced.

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The salary of the design institute is uncompetitive.

The real estate industry has been influenced by policies and regulations.

After the emphasis on service, the professionalism of the Design Institute began to decline gradually.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the status of design institutes in the integration industry chain is declining year by year.

This year is the year of 14th Five-Year.

This decline does not mean that it no longer complies with the specification requirements at the business level, but that from the perspective of the owner, the design institute no longer looks so professional and tall, and its status naturally gradually declined.

Third, the salary model of the design institute has basically not changed.

It initially affected the people at the bottom, and the voice of “Persuasion” became more and more.

For most general projects, the technical difficulty is relatively general.

Different from the annual salary model of high base salary of international design enterprises, domestic design enterprises often adopt the model of low base salary and high performance.

Those who study design have changed from the best people in the college entrance examination over the years to the “not so excellent” people.

Many employees of the design institute told the author that they gave more than 200000 yuan to general experienced employees 10 years ago, but now it is just so.

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Naturally, the competitiveness and attraction are not as good as before.

Some design institutes have improved their efficiency through the standardization of design, but their essence has not changed fundamentally.

“Inner roll” may have started at that time.

In the process of project development, the design institute plays the role of “saying one thing and not two things”.

No matter accumulation of the knowledge or cultivation of the ability, there is no essential change.

In the early stage, it gives professional plans and suggestions to the owner, although sometimes it is not so reasonable; In the later stage, each time the construction unit makes changes, it does not necessarily “beg and coax”, but it also has to look at the “face” of the design institute.

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There are more and more voices.

Looking back on the design institute 10 or 20 years ago, what happened to the design institute? Why are “thousands of people persuading them to retreat”? The status of the design institute is not as good as before.

As a result, the salary growth of employees is in direct proportion to the length of work.

10 years ago, I used CAD to draw pictures.

In most projects, the construction unit’s experience in project management, It can better ensure the timely and quality delivery of the project, which leads to the gradual inclination of the leading power of the project to the construction unit, and the status of the design institute naturally decreases.

Some subdivided fields may still be good in recent years, but the above problems also exist to a certain extent..

After several years of practice, the mode led by the design institute has gradually changed to the mode led by the construction unit.

When the industry is going up, this inequality will be covered up by the continuous improvement of the business.

On the one hand, the Design Institute began to focus on service, especially led by a number of architectural design institutes serving real estate enterprises, focusing on customers and doing what customers want; The customer needs any node.

In recent years, on the Internet platform, the author has repeatedly brushed the post of “persuading to quit the design institute”.

Compared with the inflation and price rise in previous years, the purchasing power of 100 yuan 10 years ago may not be as good as 50 yuan now.


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