The special course of architectural photography “learning architectural photography well is a required course for photographers”

Architecture is solidified music.

Therefore, this boom is reasonable.

I hope you who are interested in architectural photography can gain something.

Cost Description: only 239 yuan is needed for one person to sign up for the architectural photography system course, and 219 yuan / person is needed for three people to sign up together.

Living in the city, we are used to the layers of high-rise buildings, and the glass curtain wall reflects the hurried steps of generations.

Learn to jump out of the inherent thinking framework and “combine” to form aesthetic works.

In fact, they have encountered a bottleneck in photography aesthetics! In real life, most ordinary photography lovers will be exhausted by work and life every day.

Architectural photography covers a wide range of subjects, including a building, a group of buildings, a region or a city; It can be the whole of the building or part of the building.

Why is learning to shoot architecture the only choice for photography Xiaobai? Introduction to photography starts from learning architectural photography.

Introduction Xiaobai starts from the basic framing composition.

Since 2013, he has studied photography at the New York Academy of photography (China class).

Architecture has not only external beauty, but also internal beauty.

The photography micro class devotes itself to developing a set of detailed and complete special courses on architectural photography.

Deputy Secretary General of China Everbright Bank Photography Association.

In 2013, the work notes on the hall of Supreme Harmony won the second prize in the snow beer national ancient architecture photography competition.

Architectural photography is the combination of architectural aesthetics and photographic aesthetics.

“To have a go and go trip” is also a mouth addiction! “Buy a ticket to London to feed pigeons” that’s other people’s life.

Every building has its historical background and artistic laws, so it is not that it has not been photographed, but that it has not carefully observed and understood the characteristics of the building.

How to take architectural photography? How to interpret three-dimensional beauty with plane? How to capture the soul of architecture and space with photography? Don’t worry.

We will grow up together on the road of architectural photography! Lecturer: Mr.

As a student who has mastered certain shooting skills, he should pay more attention to how to find beauty.

Therefore, among the limited shooting objects, “architecture” should be the most familiar shooting subject in ordinary days.

Or pay attention to symmetrical palaces, temples, gardens and so on.

It can be seen everywhere in life and everyone can shoot! For example, opera houses, office buildings and commercial squares with modern design aesthetics.

All photography lovers are here!..

Now there is a boom in architectural photography.

As a collection of politics, economy and culture, architecture can well reflect the inheritance of current Chinese history and future development.

Swift Lift Anchors

Each city is a pavilion, waiting for the beautiful eyes to capture her most moving moments.

Have you ever stopped to look at the buildings around you? Does architecture have life? When we regard buildings as functional products, they are steel and cement lacking vitality; When we put buildings in the surrounding environment, they are huge creatures with breathing.

LV Bing, member of China Photographers Association, member of China Financial Photographers Association.

His works have been collected by the Chinese Photographers Association and published in many magazines.

His works were exhibited at Pingyao film exhibition as the works of 100 financial photographers.

The beautiful scenery and the life of petty bourgeoisie are far away for most people.

Especially for the first contact with the subject of photography lovers, they often feel unable to start.

The cold and tough steel and cement are transformed into works of art full of life in the hands of craftsmen.

Indeed, China has a vast territory, a long history, profound cultural heritage and rapid social development.

The administrator is added to sign up first.

Most of the problems of photography Xiaobai lie in the students who can’t composition and have shooting skills.

Follow the top architectural photography masters and learn how to shoot satisfactory architectural photography through simple and practical photography skills.


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