[industry information] notice on the registration and examination of the main principals, project leaders and full-time safety production

The registration time is from September 21 to 29, 2021.

Relevant units and candidates who have successfully registered shall print their admission cards in time.

Enterprises or candidates can choose nearby convenient test sites to register for the examination.

Candidates who successfully register but fail to take the examination for no reason shall not take the registration examination in the next batch, and candidates who violate discipline and cheat shall not take the registration examination in the next two batches.

Enterprises without identity lock can log in to the “Gansu government service network” and jump to the enterprise maintenance platform for registration.

Huarui Zhongcheng             Click the blue word to pay attention to our municipal and state housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau, Lanzhou New Area Urban Transportation Bureau, Gansu Mining Area Construction Bureau, examination service institutions, relevant enterprises and personnel: now the registration and examination of the main principals, project principals and full-time safety production managers of the third batch of construction enterprises in the province in 2021 (hereinafter referred to as “safety management personnel”) are arranged as follows: III Registration and examination arrangements (1) registration time.

(2) Exam time.

Individuals should register through their employed enterprises.

The violations of discipline and rules of relevant personnel in the examination shall be dealt with seriously in accordance with the provisions on the administration of work safety of main principals, project principals and full-time work safety managers of construction enterprises.

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Those who fail to pass the examination can continue to register for the examination in the next batch.

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When registering, in case of special circumstances such as too large system flow and temporary inability to log in, pay attention to reasonably adjust the login registration time and stagger the peak registration.

Candidates shall participate in the examination on time according to the regulations, and the examination staff shall earnestly perform their duties.

Enterprises with identity lock can log in to “official website of Gansu Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development – business handling – Safety and quality management – safety management personnel management system”.

(4) Test results.

(3) Examination discipline.

The registration unit and candidates shall print the admission ticket in time to ensure that they can participate in the examination on time.

The printing time of the admission ticket is from October 11, 2021 to the end of the examination, and the examination time is from October 16 to 19, 2021 (the specific time, place and other information shall be subject to the arrangement of the admission ticket).

After the examination, the enterprise can independently query the information of qualified personnel through the enterprise business system supervised by the safety management personnel and apply for relevant business according to relevant procedures.

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Our department will not publish the examination results separately.

After the examination, the examination system will automatically display the examination results, and the candidates should confirm on site.


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