Why is it more and more difficult for construction enterprises to recruit talents?

Therefore, human resources are an important organizational part of construction enterprise resources.

In the golden season of campus recruitment in autumn and spring every year, the campus recruitment schedules of major engineering colleges and universities will be filled by major construction enterprises.

With the slowdown of the growth rate of the total output value of the construction industry, this huge market has changed from the original “incremental market” to “stock market”, and the competition within the industry is becoming more and more intense.

The construction industry is a labor-intensive industry, which depends on its nature and working environment.

Therefore, when recruiting on campus, construction enterprises should focus on introducing more valuable information for college graduates, such as job content, career development channel, salary and welfare benefits, so as to provide career planning guidance for potential target graduates, clarify their development direction, and better filter out non target graduates, Reduce the personnel turnover rate of enterprises.

What really moves them is the matters related to it.

However, the publicity of campus recruitment is great, However, the publicity content can not directly target the target group In order to meet the needs of (fresh graduates), most construction enterprises only focus on publicizing the brilliant achievements of the enterprise, but ignore the introduction of matters related to fresh graduates, such as salary and welfare, career development channel, career work content, etc.

From the perspective of construction enterprises, we are unable to change the macro environment and can only do our best to reduce its impact.

“No one can stay” and “there are only two of the ten people who came in with me at the same time”.

As a former member of civil engineering, combined with his own experience, the author studied civil engineering This paper analyzes the problems existing in job hunting of professional college graduates.

The construction industry is a fully competitive industry.

The author can often hear such words in research and interview with the project Department of construction enterprises.

However, we can try our best to improve our existing problems, such as the lack of incentive of salary performance system leads to employees’ slack, the imperfect employee training system leads to employees’ lack of development, poor working environment The characteristic problems of the construction industry such as uncertain workplace lead to employee turnover, so as to improve the recruitment effect and employee stability, and ensure that the enterprise’s human resources reserve can meet the growing business volume 1 – Analysis on the current situation of human resources in construction enterprises ▌ 1 “Unable to recruit” campus recruitment is an important way for major construction enterprises to supplement human resources.

However, the evaluation of the construction industry on the Internet is not friendly.

As the Post-70s and post-80s employees gradually grow into middle and high-level cadres of construction enterprises, the post-90s employees carry the banner of grass-roots work.

First, lack of real understanding of the construction industry.

Most construction enterprises will publicize the development history, past performance and existing achievements of the enterprise to fresh graduates at the campus recruitment briefing, in order to “grab” more fresh graduate resources from competitors.

In such a developed era of information technology, most students will understand their upcoming industry through the Internet.

With the change of national macro environment, the aging of population and the continuous decline of fertility rate lead to the shortage of labor supply; The continuous growth of business volume leads to the increase of labor demand in construction enterprises, and the mismatch between supply and demand, resulting in a scissors gap.

With the increase of business volume of construction enterprises, the competition for talents in major engineering universities is also increasing.

They only know to find professional counterparts, but they have no clue about the future career development direction.

Most college graduates are often not clear about their career planning.

After all, every large construction enterprise has its glorious history and proud performance.

The high goals set by major enterprises during the 14th five year plan not only require enterprises to go to a higher level in market development, but also put forward higher requirements for enterprise human resource management.

Excellent technical and management talents play a decisive role in the performance process of construction enterprises.

Take Baidu Post Bar majoring in civil engineering as an example.

In order to realize the heroic words made by the major central enterprises and state-owned enterprises, everyone wants to sign more business, so as to go further from the goal, which leads many construction enterprises to face the problem of “business has, but people don’t”.


This year is the first year of the national “14th five year plan”.

Second, their career planning is not clear.

the author also studied civil engineering in college.

There is no obvious difference for college graduates.

The bar is full of words such as “beating the ash all night”, “running with a bucket” and “poor working environment”, which inevitably leads to college graduates’ prejudice against the construction industry, and college graduates are more willing to go to real estate enterprises, design institutes and other working environments A decent business, not a construction business.

However, in the process of serving major construction enterprises, the author can always hear a voice – “can’t recruit people, can’t keep people”.

Waved Anchor

Therefore, it is particularly important for enterprises to eliminate college graduates’ prejudice against the construction industry and deepen their understanding of the construction industry through enterprise introduction.

As one of the six modules of human resources, recruitment is an important means for enterprises to realize human resources allocation.

According to Maslow’s needs theory, human needs are divided into physiological needs, security needs, social needs, respect needs and self realization needs..

These college graduates who do not know enough about the construction industry and have no psychological preparation, even after joining the construction enterprise, are easy to ask for resignation in the short term due to the industrial characteristics such as working environment and job mobility.

They join professional counterparts in construction enterprises with a try mentality, and finally leave in a hurry.


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