bye! Another landmark building in Shijiazhuang is going to be demolished! Out of print memories of a generation of Shijiazhuang people!

When it comes to Shijiazhuang TV factory, I believe everyone’s first thought is Huanyu TV! Unknowingly, Huanyu TV building, located in the west of Ping An Park, has been quietly shelved for more than 10 years! Now the old newspapers around 2010 can be seen in the building.

“Huanyu” was not only a famous Chinese brand, but also exported to Britain in the 1980s.

It is a family honor to work in this factory.

In the past and present life, Shijiazhuang TV factory was the most efficient factory in the provincial capital.

It used to be the landmark building of the city.

▲ list of pilot projects for renewal of dilapidated housing in fact, there is also a Shijiazhuang TV factory, once a landmark of Shijiazhuang and familiar to Shijiazhuang people.

Now, I really want to say goodbye this time! Let’s walk into it again and feel the ups and downs of Shijiazhuang TV factory! 01 involves more than 1000 households! Qiaoxi TV factory opened the curtain of regional transformation.

It is the pride of Shijiazhuang TV factory and the pride of Shijiazhuang.

▲ at the beginning of this year, in the fire movie Hello, Li Huanying, Jia Xiaoling pretended to be blind and helped her mother to grab the first TV in the audience, because she knew that the first person to buy a TV in the factory would become the focus of the whole factory and a topic worth showing off at the classmate gathering many years later! ▲ Hello, Li Huanying stills.

If you can marry a color TV when you get married, it is sensational news.

Unfortunately, Huanyu failed to continue to write brilliance.

The times will never stop the pace of change.

Now, the plot of Huanyu TV factory has long been covered by new high-rise buildings, which is particularly dazzling on Yuhua Road at the dawn of lights.

Those who have this ability are definitely 10000 yuan households.

Time is as fast as ever, and there is no time to respond.

Let’s remember all this and the brilliant and extraordinary life of Shijiazhuang TV factory.

Its TV is called “Huanyu” brand.

It is the TV factory in those days.

Especially in the evening, neighbors would bring ponies to watch.

It is Shijiazhuang TV factory.

According to the plan, the TV factory dormitory area project was included in the list of pilot projects for the renewal of dilapidated houses in Shijiazhuang before 1975.

The out of print memories of the 03 generation of Shijiazhuang people, Tong Mei’s initial memory of the TV is the kind of hemispherical black-and-white, which needs to be changed manually without a remote control! In the 1980s or so, if there was a TV at home, it was a very heroic and face-to-face thing.

Shijiazhuang generation brand is about to withdraw from the historical stage! A few days ago, workers were already working there.

It also introduced the whole color TV production line imported from Japan.

In the end, less than 40 years.

A small 12 inch black-and-white TV could turn the home into a cinema.

Owning a “Huanyu” color TV was the dream of many families in that era.

In the memory of Shijiazhuang people, the reputation of “Huanyu TV” is higher than Changhong and Skyworth.

The sound of broken glass sounded like a final whisper! So let’s go to it for the last time.

At that time, it would be great to have a TV at home, let alone color.

Its products were “difficult to find one machine” in the era of planned economy.

The color TV it produced in the early 1970s entered Zhongnanhai.

When most Chinese don’t know what air-conditioned elevators are, employees here can “go to work by elevator and turn on air-conditioning”, and their social status is much higher than that of “white-collar and gold-collar workers”.

Shijiazhuang TV factory, born in 1970, is one of the earliest enterprises in China to develop domestic color TV sets and the first to enter the international market.

With the passage of time and the waste of time, what changes is the times and everything.

At that time, female comrades wore two braids, work clothes and white aprons to shuttle through the TV production workshop, becoming a beautiful scenery..

It used to be the first modern assembly line factory in the province.

Lifting Anchor

Being a worker here is not only well paid, but also not worried about finding a partner.

The plant has been abandoned for more than ten years.

It used to be the factory with the best efficiency in the provincial capital.

The old doggerel: younger sister, younger sister, grow up quickly, marry an old factory, a chicken in three days and an arm in two days…

Looking back on the history of Shijiazhuang TV factory, Shijiazhuang Huanyu TV factory was established in 1970; In 1988, the annual output of “Huanyu” reached 400000 units; In 1989, he developed air conditioning products and entered the air conditioning market; 1990 loss; In 1996, gem group merged Huanyu TV factory, and in 2005, gem group filed for bankruptcy.

The Yellow title page is like the old man’s twilight, waiting for the trial of years! In fact, as early as 2016, Qiaoxi District had a plan to demolish and transform the regional project of TV factory, but it was shelved later for various reasons! Now I have mixed feelings when I see that the regional project of Shijiazhuang TV factory is put on the agenda again.

It used to be the king of China’s electrical industry and the pride of Shijiazhuang.

And in the last month, another big event is going to happen in Shijiazhuang – Shijiazhuang TV factory is really going to be demolished! November 15, 2021, Shijiazhuang Municipal People’s government issued the implementation opinions on accelerating the renewal of dilapidated houses in the urban area before 1975 (for Trial Implementation) And announced the pilot list of renewal of dilapidated housing.

A year will pass again! Many things have happened in this year, happy, sad, surprised, hesitant, sad…

Once brilliant, operating for decades! Shijiazhuang TV factory is going to be demolished! See words like face, 2021 has entered the last month! Recall that the New Year bell just sounded yesterday; Recalling yesterday, I was still sitting in front of the TV, eating melon seeds and watching the Spring Festival Gala; Looking back on yesterday, I still sigh that the new year is coming again…


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