The person in charge of a construction site in Dengzhou called the police and said: the motor on the site mixer was stolen!

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However, the person in charge of the construction site said he didn’t know Li and didn’t listen to the situation of borrowing the motor.

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After visiting and investigating, it was preliminarily determined that the man involved was Li, and the police summoned him according to law.

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After many unsuccessful calls, he disassembled it and went home.

Due to the poor handover of the middleman, the motor couldn’t be returned in time.

After further understanding, Li lent his motor to another foreman at the construction site.

The dispute was quickly and successfully resolved.

After understanding the reason, the police actively discussed with both sides, and finally both sides reached an agreement See, Li reinstalled the motor into the mixer, and the loan between him and the borrower was then resolved by himself.

In order to find out the truth as soon as possible, the police asked Li to contact the borrower to clarify the facts, but he couldn’t be reached by phone.

After receiving the report, the police of Yuanzhuang police station rushed to the scene immediately.

Li argued that the motor he disassembled was his own.

He lent it to his peers a few months ago.

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The person in charge of the construction site thanked the police repeatedly and praised the police station’s measures to escort the enterprises under his jurisdiction and create a safe and stable business environment.

Please ask the police to help recover it.

Deadline of this activity: November 30, 2021     Recently, Yuanzhuang police station of Dengzhou Public Security Bureau quickly and successfully resolved a construction site dispute caused by motor loss, creating a good business environment for the smooth progress of enterprise projects.

On the afternoon of November 9, Yuanzhuang police station received an alarm from the person in charge of a construction site under the jurisdiction, saying that the motor on the mixer on the construction site was stolen, which affected the construction process.


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