The only architectural university in Beijing, 70% of graduates are the technical and management backbone of Beijing urban construction

From the perspective of the nature of employment units, enterprises are the main channel to attract the employment of 2021 graduates, especially state-owned enterprises (52.45%).

The fourth round of discipline evaluation results of architecture and civil engineering by the Ministry of Education are B.

According to the Report on the Employment Quality of 2021 Graduates of Beijing University of Architecture and Architecture, the total number of 2021 graduates of the university is 2504, including 1907 undergraduates, accounting for 76.16%.

Let’s go to Beijing Architecture University, a century-old university full of Beijing flavor and architectural flavor! Let’s take a look at it with Volunteer Carefree~51BZY01 Introduction to Beijing Architecture University Beijing Architecture University is a pilot university jointly built by Beijing and the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the Ministry of Education’s “Education and Training Plan for Outstanding Engineers”; It is the cradle of training future planners, designers and architects; It is the only architectural university in Beijing, the only university in China with a sophisticated innovation center in the field of urban design, and the only university in China with an integrated talent training system of bachelor, master, doctor and postdoctoral in the field of architectural heritage protection.

This advantage has created unique conditions for the employment of students in the school.

It has trained more than 70000 outstanding graduates for the country, 70% of whom are the technical and management backbone of the Beijing urban construction system.

As of August 31, 2021, the overall graduation destination implementation rate of 2021 graduates was 96.45%, of which the graduation destination implementation rate of undergraduate graduates was 95.54%.

The total employment rate of college graduates has been maintained at more than 95% for many years.

Among them, there are 17 national-level first-class specialty construction sites, 3 national-level characteristic specialties, 2 Beijing universities focus on building first-class specialties, 15 Beijing municipal first-class specialty construction sites, and 7 Beijing characteristic specialties.

It is the “talent training base and science and technology service base for urban planning, construction and management in Beijing” and the “national architectural heritage protection research and talent training base”.

51BZY02 Beijing University of Architecture and Architecture has 10 colleges and 1 basic teaching unit, and has 3 advanced and advanced disciplines (architecture, civil engineering, surveying and mapping science and technology) in Beijing universities.

At present, Beijing University of Architecture is a multidisciplinary university with distinctive architectural characteristics, focusing on engineering.

In 2014, it entered the ranks of the “Top 50 National College Employment”.

Among the alumni, there emerged a large number of outstanding talents, such as Li Ruihuan, known as “Contemporary Luban”, Zhang Zaimeng, academician of the CAE Member, Liu Guisheng, Shen Xiaoke, Zhang Yu, Luo Ling, Hu Yue, Bao Qiwei, Gao Shiguo, Yang Bogang, and Ma Yansong, a Chinese architect with important influence in the world.

In addition, most graduates are employed in Beijing.

Some people say that architecture is frozen music, and strings of notes move silently.

51BZY03 Employment situation For more than a hundred years, Beijing University of Architecture and Architecture has always served the urban and rural construction and development of the capital as its mission.

There are a total of 35 undergraduate majors, basically covering all the professional categories related to the “big building” field, forming a professional system with unique characteristics of Beijing Construction University and architecture.

The building is not only clay tile, brick and reinforced concrete, but also the combination of art and technology.

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Construction, scientific research and technical services, information transmission, software and information technology services are the top three industries with the largest number of graduates.


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