Seven common structural systems of prefabricated buildings and their future development direction

The external wall still adopts the sandwich structure of “integration of structural insulation and decoration”, which can make full use of the existing assembly line equipment and adopt the anti striking process to realize the finishing effect of fair faced concrete, artistic concrete and porcelain plate.

full bolt connection technical system VII.

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It is urgent to solve the problem of grouting shutdown in winter.

Future development direction in the future, China’s construction industry needs to embark on the road of green, industrialization, socialization and information development.

2、 Prefabricated hollow shear wall system: Eve III.

Large plate and light weight are conducive to rapid and low-cost construction.

③ Cost.

Considering the low-rise building, the vertical connection basically does not produce overturning force under the action of horizontal force, mainly shear force, so the sleeve is omitted, and the round hole dowel bar grouting connection is directly used to reduce the cost and construction difficulty.

It can be applied to the external wall assembly of underground buildings.

5、 Formwork free dry connection system Pinggu District fabricated experimental farm house project – dry connection VI.

Greening: green construction is the concentrated expression of modern construction civilization and the overall improvement of the overall quality of the housing construction process.

Advantages: suitable for large diameter reinforcement, wide application and mature technology; It is suitable for centralized connection of reinforcement, which can be in the form of direct connection and indirect connection; It is convenient for on-site operation.

1、 The grouting sleeve connection of reinforced concrete slab structure system is suitable for large-diameter reinforcement and centralized connection of reinforcement, which can be connected directly or indirectly.

laminated shear wall system (double skin wall) double skin wall connection factory prefabricated two plates are overlapped, and the inner core between the two walls reserves a post cast concrete area.

Advantages: the upper and lower shear walls are cast-in-situ connected, and the inner and outer wall panels and the inner core are stressed as a whole; The prefabricated part replaces part of the formwork and can be produced fully automatically.

The sleeve free reinforcement lap connection technology is used to avoid the hidden danger of sleeve grouting.

The project adopts the structural form of concrete-filled steel tubular frame + composite steel plate shear wall (damper), PC external wall panel, aerated concrete external wall, reinforced truss floor support plate, steel staircase and integrated interior decoration system.

The integral structure is formed by overlapping reinforcement and post cast concrete in the wall panel cavity; The experimental results show that the seismic performance of the system is basically consistent with that of the cast-in-place structure, and fully meets the requirements of the current national standards.

U Bar Anchor

Compared with the prior art, under the premise of realizing the same building function, the cost of high-rise residence with prefabrication rate of about 40% can be reduced by about 200 yuan / m2.

Main problems in the process of reinforcement sleeve grouting ① structural safety.

② Duration.

4、 The inner and outer wall panels of longitudinal rib laminated shear wall structure are special hollow structural wall panels with patents, and other components are the same as the current shear wall structure.

There is a lack of effective means to detect the quality of sleeve grouting.

The minimum size of the internal cavity of the wallboard is greater than 10cm, which is easy to pour and compact concrete.

Group grouting technology can be used for grouting, with high construction efficiency.

Informatization: with the deep integration of informatization and industrialization, information technology will become an important tool and means for the construction industry in the future.

Industrialization: standardized design, industrialized production, assembly construction and integrated decoration are the new industrialized construction methods in the future.

The existing technology greatly increases the detection cost.

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Steel structure residential system 4 9-16 storey fabricated steel structure residential buildings in chengshousi B5 plot directional resettlement house project, with a total construction area of 31685.49 m2.


The external wall has good thermal insulation, fire resistance and durability.

Average cost of a single sleeve (sleeve + grouting material + auxiliary material + labor) = 100 yuan.

The content of building concrete and reinforcement is large, and the structural integrity is good.

Socialization: EPC is an important way to realize the specialization, intensification and socialized mass production of engineering construction.

Disadvantages: high cost, difficult connection operation and hidden detection.


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