The nine departments in Fujian have issued factual suggestions on accelerating the development of new building industrialization. By 2025,

We will give priority to the use of prefabricated components in municipal engineering projects such as urban rail transit, bridges, tunnels, comprehensive pipe corridors and pedestrian overpasses.

Promote the coordinated development of the whole industrial chain.

(IV) ensure the project quality and safety.


Other cities divided into districts should carry out pilot projects according to the actual situation of the region Point projects can be evaluated and identified in accordance with the evaluation standard for prefabricated buildings (GB / t51129-2017).

First, guiding ideology should be guided by Xi Jinping’s socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, fully implement the spirit of the nineteen great spirits of the party and general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech to Fujian China, and accurately grasp the new development stage, implement the new development concept, build new development pattern, and push forward the construction.

By 2025, the proportion of prefabricated buildings in new buildings will not be less than 40% (Fuzhou urban area will not be less than 50%) No less than 35% in Putian, Longyan, Sanming and Nanping, and no less than 30% in Ningde and Pingtan comprehensive experimental areas.

In the engineering project, increase the steel structure, steel-concrete composite structure, high-performance concrete, high-strength reinforcement, seismic isolation and damping, prestress technology, finished reinforcement distribution and “machine agent” on the construction site And other innovative integrated applications.

It is encouraged to promote the application of prefabricated buildings in commercial housing and new rural construction.

Production enterprises shall be established according to law, obtain business licenses, and have corresponding production facilities, equipment and process conditions Test and inspection capability, establish a sound enterprise quality and technical standard management system, encourage production enterprises to apply for design and construction qualification, carry out production in strict accordance with design documents and current specifications and standards, strengthen the quality management of raw materials and the quality control of the production process of parts and components, and retain the incoming type inspection report, certificate of conformity, inspection and test report and concealed records of raw materials Engineering records to ensure that the quality of parts and components complies with the contract and relevant technical regulations.

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All localities should establish prefabricated construction project libraries and implement dynamic management.

Carry out pilot prefabrication of main vertically stressed concrete components such as precast columns and double-sided laminated shear walls.



The construction unit, the supervision unit and other relevant parties can strengthen the production quality control of parts and components by means of factory supervision as agreed in the contract.

Fuzhou, Xiamen, Quanzhou and Zhangzhou should determine a number of pilot projects and adopt strict quality and safety management measures.

Apply digital design to strengthen the integrated design of multi disciplines such as architecture, structure, equipment pipeline and decoration, so as to improve the integrity of the building.

The production enterprise shall prepare the storage and transportation Party of parts and components Make clear requirements for storage site, stacking and supporting pads, finished product protection and transportation to ensure that parts and components are intact.

Construction sheet In principle, the integrated design and construction bidding shall be adopted for the decoration project of packaging and matching type that can be issued separately.


Promote the establishment of a professional, large-scale and information-based production system based on standard parts.

(2) Strengthen systematic and integrated design.

The design unit carries out design in strict accordance with relevant national and provincial codes, standards and management regulations of prefabricated buildings, implements standardized design of building plane, facade, components, component parts and interfaces, and promotes less specification Multi combination design method.

Among them, Fuzhou , Xiamen, Quanzhou and Zhangzhou will play an exemplary role, expand the promotion area and extend to the counties and districts under their jurisdiction.

Second, the development goal is to achieve that the proportion of prefabricated buildings in the construction area of new buildings in the province will reach more than 35% by 2025.

Focusing on the development of prefabricated buildings, we have coordinated the development of intelligent construction technology, cultivated 20 EPC enterprises with the ability of prefabricated buildings and intelligent construction solutions, no less than 10 intelligent assembly building production enterprises, and industrialized and digital buildings, The level of intellectualization has been significantly improved, and the industrial foundation, technical equipment, scientific and technological innovation ability and building safety quality have been comprehensively improved.

(3) Standardize production management 6.

60) and the general office of the provincial government issued by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development and other departments Implementation Opinions on vigorously developing prefabricated buildings (MZB [2017] No.

8), the guiding opinions on promoting the coordinated development of intelligent construction and building industrialization (Jianshi [2020] No.


key work (I) Implement prefabricated building construction projects.


Qualified road cargo transportation enterprises shall be entrusted for transportation, and safety guarantee measures shall be taken for the transportation of large components such as ultra-high and ultra wide.

Strengthen the requirements of the organic unity of prefabricated building standard design, industrial construction and architectural style, and strengthen technical demonstration in the design stage of architectural design scheme to avoid the uniformity of architectural style.

Market entities are encouraged to select the products of production enterprises.


The production enterprise shall establish an information management system to realize the traceability management of prefabricated parts and components.

Build an evaluation system for prefabricated construction production enterprises to improve the supporting capacity and quality of products Quality management level, relying on industry associations to evaluate production enterprises and publish the evaluation results to the public.

By 2035, the industrialization of new buildings and the development of intelligent construction in our province have made remarkable progress, the innovation ability of enterprises has been greatly improved, the overall advantage of the industry has been significantly enhanced, and the modernization of the construction industry has been realized in an all-round way.

Implementation opinions of 9 departments including Fujian Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development on accelerating the industrialization of new buildings Minjian construction [2021] No.


We will encourage the implementation of prefabricated decoration in government investment projects and public buildings, and promote the application of integrated bathroom, integrated kitchen, integrated doors and windows and other products.

We will actively promote the use of prefabricated wall panels, prefabricated stairs and prefabricated composite floors.


The construction enterprise shall prepare the construction organization design and the special construction scheme for the quality and safety of prefabricated buildings according to the construction drawing design documents and in combination with the construction technology..


Give full play to the role of industry associations, strengthen market information monitoring, timely release the supply and demand of production capacity, and improve the utilization rate of production capacity.

Mode reform, develop new building industrialization, promote the coordinated development of new building industrialization, intelligent construction and green construction, promote building industrialization, digitization, intellectualization and green low carbon, and realize the high-quality development of construction industry in our province.

Carry out the pilot of extending the industrial chain through EPC, and support the construction unit and EPC With the goal of improving building quality and comprehensive benefits, the unit promotes the sharing of resources, system integration and linkage development of upstream and downstream of the industrial chain.

Encourage prefabricated construction projects to implement the whole process consulting service, optimize the technical planning scheme in the early stage of the project, and coordinate the work in various stages such as scheme design, production and transportation of parts and components, construction and installation, operation and maintenance management.

Implement standardized design.

All localities should optimize the industrial layout of components and parts according to the production capacity and transportation service radius of prefabricated construction production enterprises to avoid overcapacity.

20 district and City Construction Bureau, development and Reform Commission, Education Bureau, science and Technology Bureau, industry and Information Bureau, human resources and Social Security Bureau, natural resources bureau, Financial Supervision Bureau (Financial Office), transportation construction bureau, Economic Development Bureau, social undertakings Bureau of Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone The finance and Finance Bureau, the resources and ecology Bureau, the party masses work department, and the banking and Insurance Regulatory branches: in order to implement the several opinions on accelerating the industrialization of new buildings (jbg [2020] No.

Guide the establishment of intelligent construction base, accelerate the digital and intelligent upgrading of parts and components production, and promote their application Digital technology, system integration technology, intelligent assembly and construction robots create the application scenario of “machine substituting people” in the prefabricated construction factory.

59) To accelerate the development of new construction industrialization in our province, we should put forward the following implementation suggestions.

It is supported that construction enterprises invest and build their own projects by adopting prefabricated buildings and intelligent construction technology Technology.

The construction unit of government invested projects shall take the lead in implementing prefabricated buildings, clarify the requirements of prefabricated buildings in the feasibility study stage, and reasonably calculate the investment estimation.


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