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The north side is close to the lake, which has a good landscape foundation plot solution Reading: 2.

The architectural appearance design is good and the details are rich, so it is recommended to choose three facade forms.

The row distance outside the middle walkway and the longitudinal walkway shall not be less than 1.0m, the side walkway shall not be less than 0.8m, the side walkway of long row method shall not be less than 1.2m, and the longitudinal slope of walkway shall be 1:10 ~ 1:6, greater than 1:6 Steps with a height of 0.2m shall be made when.

The building shape is that two L-shapes are connected to form a back shape.

It can be found that the single building of the topic has a large area and a wide site.

streamline and entrance 1.

The Branch Road on the east side can be set with secondary entrance and vehicle entrance 4.



The internal layout of the kitchen is better, but the echo with the landscape is weak; 5.

The workshop There is no greening, no absolute elevation, other signs are relatively complete, and the landscape layout echoes the environmental elements; 4.

The effect of the drawing is relatively clean and the layout is comfortable; 2.


The facade is rich and there are many elements, It is suggested that the East building should also be treated accordingly to avoid homogeneous facade; 8.

The theater space is not the layout method of the lecture hall, and the kitchen area is not arranged; 6.

Toilet for the disabled 5.

For more information, please click the blue word above to follow us! 2018 Nanchang University Architecture postgraduate entrance examination quick question analysis design of art creation Tourism Center 1.

The small space in the lobby is not shown; 7.

Key points: key points of guest room design: key points of guest room design: Interpretation of kitchen design plot: I.

There is a problem with the evacuation on the second floor; 7.

The facade effect is good, but the facade is too homogeneous and the section is missing; 8.

The architectural appearance design is good and the details are rich.

The allowable horizontal length of each section of ramp is 9.0m.

The completion degree of modeling is generally high, but there are some problems There are too many methods, some of which are trivial, so it is recommended to choose.


The base is close to the urban secondary trunk road 2.

Landscape echo 1.

For the stepped building entrance ramp used by the disabled, the slope shall not be greater than 1:12, the minimum width of the ramp shall be more than 1.20m, and the allowable height of each section of ramp shall be 0.75m.

The size of the outdoor court: 18m * 36m, Badminton court size: 9m * 18m2, vehicle: trolley 3M * 6m, bus 12m * 4m3, venue: considering the landscape and different outdoor venue needs, topic key points: outdoor 1, outdoor court: tennis court 18m * 36m, badminton court 9m * 18m function relationship: topic key points: barrier free design 1.

There are many rooms in the East and West directions, so it 6.

Although it is easy to use, it needs to be changed appropriately on the premise of a large area of space.


Walkway: the width of evacuation walkway shall not be less than 0.6m per 100 seats.

The floor marking is missing in the general layout, the expression of the court area is small, the layout of the front square is missing, the expression of the sloping roof is single, but the layout of the parking lot is good; 3.

Attention should be paid to the size of the court; 5.

There are few layout methods for large sites, which can appropriately increase outdoor and indoor functions.

The focus of this round of fast question competition is: 1.

The dynamic and static zoning of the leisure area and the evacuation problem on the second floor; 7.

There are evacuation problems on the second floor, and there are privacy problems in a few rooms; 7.

The primary and secondary entrances, vehicle entrances and exits are not marked, the workshop greening is not available, and the absolute elevation is not available; 4.

The stadium should be arranged in the north-south direction and the size of the stadium; 3.



Key points: supplementary points of Theater Design: report hall The center distance of chair: armrest is 470 ~ 500 or 500 ~ 700mm.

Some students do not have a good grasp of the relationship between beams, plates and columns and special structures.

The completion of the drawing is high, and the typesetting needs to be fine tuned; 2.

There are few surrounding elements, and the key landscape is lakes, so it is appropriate to arrange the main functional space on the north side.

The depth of the platform and the width of the ramp should be determined according to the buffer space required by the use function.

There are no roof elements; 3.


The drawings are highly completed and the sloping roof shape is good; 2.

The treatment of the facade and section is relatively simple; 8.

The maximum linear distance from the evacuation door between two emergency exits to the nearest emergency exit is 40m (for nurseries and kindergartens, 35m for medical buildings and 35m for schools) 2.

The shadow covers the facade details and the entrance has a strong sense of form; 3.

The theater space is not arranged, and the layout of the kitchen area is irregular For example, the atrium should be properly equipped with functions; 6.

When the number of floors of the building does not exceed 4, the door leading to the outside shall be set no more than 15m away from the staircase.

Architecture: consider the slope roof design.

The drawing lines need to be strengthened and the degree of completion is acceptable; 2.

The section is simple, there is a problem in the relationship between beams, columns and slabs, the parapet expression, the elevation is not elevated, and the elevation treatment needs to be strengthened; 8.

Key points: barrier free design 2.

Key points: barrier free design 3.

Quick question evaluation and analysis 1.

The streamline and function analysis scheme sketch mainly focuses on the block analysis and modeling treatment Select the detailed course interpretation of the shadow direction and watch the video of station B.

Slope land 1.

The atrium is too large and needs more detailed layout; 7.


The road grade on the south side is the urban secondary trunk road, which should be used as the main building display surface 3.


Service object: tourists and relevant staff of the art creation center 2.

The completion of the drawing is high and the elevation is simple There are some ideas on the surface modeling, and the elements can be appropriately reduced; 2.

When the height and horizontal length of the ramp exceed the above data, a rest platform with a depth of not less than 1.5m shall be set in the center of the ramp; When turning on the ramp, a rest platform with a depth of not less than 1.5m shall also be set.

Row distance: long row method is 0.90 ~ 1.05M, short row method is 0.78 ~ 0.80M.

The effect drawing can supplement the surrounding environment, road and site layout.

The plane is reversed from north to South and the North compass is not marked; 5.

There are problems in the layout of the theater; 5.

Parking lot should be set in flat areas.

The elevation difference of line of sight is 0.12M.


Area: the land area is 15000m2, with a total construction area of 5000m2 (± 10%).

There are many triangular spaces in the plane, the atrium is irregular, and there are no obstacles; 6.

The bus entrance is too close to the main entrance, and the absolute elevation is not marked; 4.

The slope range of the ramp is generally 1:6-1:12, and the indoor ramp should not be greater than 1:8, Outdoor should not be greater than 1:10.

There is no need to match too many window opening forms of the facade properly to form their own facade Modeling techniques, pay attention to the use of shadows to represent the relationship between the front and back..

No matter what form of staircase is used, the distance from the farthest point in the room to the door shall not exceed the maximum distance from the door to the external exit or staircase of the rooms on both sides or at the end of the bag corridor mentioned above.

Pay attention to the slope height difference, and it is recommended to start from the profile.

The walkway width of large public buildings shall not be less than 1.8m, that of medium-sized public buildings shall not be less than 1.5m, and that of small public buildings shall not be less than 1.2m.

When the length of the indoor ramp exceeds 15m, a rest platform should be set in the center of the ramp.


The lobby is small, and there are some blank spaces; 4.


The function of the theater is omitted; 6.

The general drawing does not indicate the absolute elevation, the expression of the parking space is not clear, and the greening at the edge of the parking lot is lacking Less; 3.

The lecture hall is placed in the atrium, which is cut into an irregular L shape and close to the north room, forming a certain degree of shielding.

Some students are unclear about the questions, lack some functions, and have evacuation problems.

The color of the effect drawing is full, and the connection of the slope roof blocks is not strong.


The classroom and the preparation room should be arranged together, and the infirmary and storage room are more suitable on the first floor.

The profile should not cut into staircases and special structures as much as possible, so as not to waste time and effort and expose short boards.


Key points of fire evacuation of barrier free elevator: 1.

The maximum straight-line distance from the evacuation door on both sides or at the end of the bag corridor to the nearest emergency exit is 22m (20m for nurseries, kindergartens and medical buildings) 3.

The facade and section are not colored There is no elevation, but the section expresses certain spatial characteristics; 8.

The area of each seat shall be 0.55M ²/ Seat, 0.60m ²/ Seat or 0.70M ²/ Block calculation.

Topic analysis   Key points of the topic: Project Overview 1.

Magnetic Thread Disc


The land is relatively abundant, and outdoor site layout is considered.

Key points of the topic: outdoor 1.


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