The most beautiful and spicy builder “2.5cm nail” still builds bricks! Heavy makeup is laughed: foundation is much more than paint.

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This class is a waste of my time.

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It turns out that she is an architecture student and has followed her father in and out of the construction site since childhood.

It’s completely difficult for her to lay bricks and move cement.

She always goes to the construction site with heavy makeup, and she also has a super long manicure of 2.5cm, which doesn’t hinder her from building bricks and moving cement.

I like to work hard on it.” Many netizens also strongly expressed, “great! This industry needs more women”, “boys are angry that you do better than them”, “what a domineering female boss”.

“The boys in the class say I did wrong.

According to the sun, Hannah Uddin comes from West Midlands, UK.

For example, plastering cement requires a lot of energy.

Even other girls say that I’m doing what men should do.” Hannah said that architecture is a hobby rather than a job for her.

She has followed her father as a designer to the construction site since the age of 12.

She wears super thick full makeup and 2.5 cm long manicure and shuttles through the construction site.

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Hanna said that male netizens on the Internet always question her.

“They say that my face has more foundation than paint, and that it is impossible to finish this job with fingernails, but this is stereotype because girls do this job is not normal to her, or even hurt their self respect.” Hannah, who is currently studying in the architecture department, said that she is the only girl in a practical class.

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Hannah looks very beautiful.

I shouldn’t occupy other people’s seats.

However, she also admitted that she had encountered a lot of discrimination.

Influenced by her, she decided to join the construction industry.

Even female friends told her that this should be a man’s job.

Hannah, an 18-year-old girl, has a different career from others.

“When I feel unhappy, I will repair a cabin in the garden.

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In fact, it’s like many people go to the gym to pursue healing.

“The teacher keeps asking me if I want to take this class?” And the boys in the class will laugh at her coming to the wrong class.

This decision has also been supported by her family and teachers, but there are still many criticisms on the Internet.


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