China Construction Third Engineering Bureau: the vanguard of intelligent building!

“Smart” access control is only one of the application scenarios.

These are vivid footnotes for China Construction Third Engineering Bureau to make full use of modern information technologies such as 5g, AI, cloud computing and big data to continuously improve people’s well-being.

By embedding intelligent sensing devices, the building has become a “living body” similar to human vision, hearing and touch.

Among them, Wuhan Huoshen mountain and Leishen Mountain hospital projects completed in more than 10 days, China Construction Third Bureau has developed an intelligent operation and maintenance management platform, linked 17 information systems in five categories of hospitals, and realized intelligent security, intelligent logistics, intelligent film review and “zero contact” operation and maintenance.

“Always regard serving the national strategy and safeguarding the interests of the people as the most important political responsibility.” Chen Weiguo, party secretary and chairman of China Construction Third Bureau, said that the enterprise will closely adhere to the strategic goal of creating a world-class enterprise, enable transformation and upgrading with wisdom, continue to lead the high-quality development of the industry, create more high-quality intelligent buildings, and better meet the people’s yearning for a better life.

In addition, the building also has many new and more popular “black technologies”: from mobile phone “calling” elevator to voice “senseless” control equipment, from split screen projection brainstorming to paperless meeting, from cloud data service to Internet Clinic…

External authorized personnel can access the information in the system in real time to realize information exchange and remote consultation.

You can remotely control the tower crane sitting in the office…

01 smart building makes life better “body temperature 36.5 ℃, normal.” Recently, in the 392.5-meter-high China Resources Building contracted by China Construction Third Engineering Bureau, after “brushing the face” completed the temperature measurement, registration, code verification and other processes, the system completed the release and automatic elevator dispatch in only one second.

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At least 200000 messages are collected on the 300 inch electronic screen every day..

Unlike ordinary office buildings, the intelligent operation and maintenance platform of the building is connected to the government’s big data center, which can realize real-time personnel comparison and greatly improve the security index.

Six projects undertaken by China Construction Third Engineering Bureau have been listed.

On December 7, 2021, China Construction Operation Management Research Institute (comin China) and SGS group (Swiss general notary) It is the first time to assess the operation and management level of smart buildings in China – a total of ten projects listed in the China smart building operation and management level certification in 2021.

Up to now, 18 projects have won this honor.

According to statistics, integrating design, construction, integration and operation and maintenance, China Construction Third Bureau has implemented Shenzhen Ping An Financial Center (592.5m) Guangzhou Chow Tai Fook Financial Center (530 meters), Wuhan Greenland Center (475 meters) and other intelligent super high-rise buildings enable citizens to enjoy an efficient and convenient new business life.

In Wuhan, China Construction · Yujing Star City, ten major scientific and technological systems, such as ground source heat pump, concrete ceiling radiation refrigeration and heating, replacement of fresh air, internal and external insulation, so as to keep the room temperature constant at 18-26 ℃, the humidity stable at 30% – 70% throughout the year, and the noise below 25 dB, which can achieve more than 75% of building energy conservation, Form a green living experience of “constant temperature, constant humidity, low noise, suitable for light and energy saving”.

Relying on the intelligent operation and maintenance platform independently developed by the intelligent company of China Construction Third Bureau, the intelligent IOT technology is innovatively introduced.

02 smart Park allows users to enter Beijing CSCEC Daxing Star command center with more peace of mind.

In Luohu District, the largest shantytown project in Shenzhen, “second line flower arrangement land”, China Construction Third Engineering Bureau has deployed more than 400000 Internet of things terminals to create a new ecosystem of smart community with “one button intelligent linkage, one map comprehensive presentation, one network comprehensive perception, one face walking around the community, one screen intelligent life and one-stop intelligent decision-making”.

Wisdom is not only in the office building, but also in the community – in Wuhan Zhongjian Xingguang City, bid farewell to the key access control card, and the owner only needs 1 second to enter and exit the community through insensitive face recognition; The smart home security system is connected with the Internet of things and automatically triggers an alarm in case of emergencies; Introduce the logistics robot “little man donkey” to get through the end logistics “intestinal obstruction”…

For example, relying on the 32 anti epidemic emergency projects and more than 90 post epidemic public health improvement projects undertaken, China Construction Third Bureau has deeply participated in the construction of smart medicine and actively contributed to the construction of healthy China.

Taking the “thinking” light as an example, it adopts the mode of “human body induction + changeable temperature”, which can not only save 23000 kwh of electricity a year, but also simulate the warmth of the morning, the brightness of the noon and the soft light of the evening, so as to make the building symbiotic with nature.

China Construction Third Engineering Bureau: be the leader in the high-quality development of intelligent business in the construction industry, and “nerve endings” are everywhere, Architecture has become a “life body” capable of independent perception and regulation; “The first global scene smart Park platform in China” accurately identifies needs, making the work and life in the park more secure and warm; As the “brain of intelligent manufacturing system”, the engineering command center of China Construction Third Engineering Bureau allows the rear to hear the sound of guns and effectively carry out command; “Driverless tower crane” is the first in China.

Recently, people’s daily, Xinhuanet, Guangming Daily The special article “China Construction Third Engineering Bureau: bravely being the leader in the high-quality development of smart business in the construction industry” published by workers daily and learning power systematically introduced the innovative measures and achievements of China Construction Third Engineering Bureau in the development of smart business in recent years, which attracted widespread attention.

Five projects undertaken and participated by China Construction Third Engineering Bureau, including Beijing CITIC Building, China Resources Building (Shenzhen) optical valley software park phase 1.1, Xi’an Maike center and Beijing CSCEC Daxing Star smart Park, have been rated platinum Gold certification project in August 2021, the list of “smart building boutique projects”, the highest honor in China’s intelligent building industry, was published.

In recent years, CSCEC’s Third Bureau has integrated technologies such as big data, Internet of things and artificial intelligence, focused on building a full range of products such as smart buildings, smart communities and smart Parks, and won the “top ten leading enterprises in China’s smart building industry” in recent four years, It was rated as the first “smart city pioneer list” excellent enterprise of CSCEC, which provides replicable and popularized practical experience for realizing the high-quality development of smart business in the construction industry.


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