The green apple of Tadao Ando, the world’s top architecture master, hit Wuhan, hot search reservation

From Shanghai’s “Dancing House” Fosun Art Center, to Wuhan’s “eye of the Yangtze River” Art Center, BFC Fosun Bund Center, and the Chinese entry point of global artists, andobox Tadao Ando art exhibition will first appear in Wuhan, presenting a visual and spiritual soul for Wuhan in the world.

The world-famous “wild road” first became the winner of the “Nobel Prize” Pritzker Prize in the construction industry.

If you want to get closer to international art, you might as well go to Wuhan BFC Fosun Bund Center for edification..

Up to now, at the age of 80, he has been removed five viscera and designed 88 art galleries.

“Tadao Ando: Challenge” exhibition site   On Sunday, the BFC Fosun Bund Center Tadao Ando art exhibition directly smashed a set of platinum printing works of andobox, Tadao Ando’s exclusive hand-painted drawings, and the huge green apple into Wuhan.

The international masters exhibition is the closest to Wuhan, and better will not be absent.

Therefore, the sketch has vitality, which is full of the architect’s profound inner struggle, confirms the architect’s complex mental process, and shows the architect’s “traces of hands” everywhere.

Remember this green apple, it will brush the screen on your mobile phone in the coming months.

Wuhan people don’t have to “hang ophthalmology” in the circle of friends.

As soon as I received the news, I tried to summarize several knowledge points from various information and take you to catch all the highlights of “Tadao Ando andobox” in advance.

It’s not too much to say that there are thousands of people.

I hope you can better understand Tadao Ando and the significance of this “andobox” landing in Wuhan – the world-class art master exhibition, which is also available in Wuhan.

Portrait of Tadao Ando © Tadao Ando’s Architectural Research Institute Tadao Ando is a “Book King”.

It perfectly combines and presents Tadao Ando’s architectural hand painting and photographic art.

Architectural photography of Tadao Ando 300 * 300cm © Tadao Ando’s architectural photography of Tadao Ando’s Architectural Research Institute   Photo: Dizhong Art Museum / Zhidao, 2004   300*300cm © Tadao Ando’s Architectural Research Institute looks back on these past glory again.

Stock exchange Gallery, Paris, France, 2016-2021 © Matsuoka mannan may be that life is full of legendary drama.

They are not simply architectural photos or silhouettes of specific architectural works, but include the architectural spirit that Tadao Ando has shown to the world for more than 50 years.

Tadao Ando is not only an architect across the century, but also an artist of life.

Tadao Ando’s influence is not only the creativity of his artistic works, but also the architectural poetry he wrote, which brings more power of human nature and freedom to the world, enlightens countless architects and brings epoch-making significance to the world’s architectural design.

About 470m corridor twin towers, the skyline art at the top of the cloud, will cover the next generation of evolution; Cutting edge curve mirror architecture, aesthetic art outlined by the Yangtze River arc, evolution of urban beauty index of the times; Boundless sky swimming pool, unprecedented life art, evolution quality, daily high luxury level.

Church of light, Ibaraki, Osaka Prefecture, Japan, 1987-1989 © Tadao Ando’s long house in Kyrgyzstan, Tadao Ando’s Architectural Research Institute, wooden 285 * 70 * 120cm © Tadao Ando Institute of architecture, therefore, before the award, his more familiar title was “fair faced concrete poet”.

From point, line to surface, my imagination seems to have participated in this grand creation.

On October 17, the art salon forum held at the same time as Tadao Ando’s andobox art exhibition will invite Wang Jinyuan, chairman of Fosun foundation and Fosun Art Center, Chen man, an international visual artist, and Zhou Ping Aoyama, an internationally renowned architect, as guests to explore Tadao Ando’s legendary life and share his feelings on architecture and life with the public, Stimulate people to discuss art and life from a multi-dimensional perspective.

He is known as one of the most active and influential palace level architects in the world.

All seemingly non Chinese materials, together with their original creativity and exquisite architectural language, are vibrant in the rendering of wind, light and shadow.

No matter how impressive Tadao Ando’s architectural works you have seen on the Internet, I suggest you go to the scene.

Lifting Anchor

His existence seems to be that Hermione from Muggle origin proves everything possible to pure blood.

  As a palace level architect, before that, it was hard to get one ticket for either the global tour exhibition or the Tadao Ando exhibition, which successively set off an upsurge in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen.

Frankly speaking, Tadao Ando’s andobox art exhibition is coming to Wuhan!   It is predicted that this will be the heaviest exhibition in Wuhan this year.

Using the stability and durability of platinum, it can preserve Tadao Ando’s architectural art collection works for 500 to 1000 years and become an “Indelible architectural collection”.

The 15 platinum printing works on display are regarded as the representative works of “architectural light” that Tadao Ando has been pursuing.

The master exhibition is within reach.

The “Tadao Ando: Challenge” exhibition in Shanghai attracts 15W + people to watch the exhibition.

Compared with the completed buildings, observing the manuscripts in the unfinished tense is a very special way of experience.

As Tadao Ando said, “the center of the world, whether architecture or art, has been transferred to China.” BFC Fosun Bund Center, located in the center of Wuhan, is relying on Fosun’s global industrial advantages and gathering Fosun’s top art, finance, fashion and other industrial resources to create an urban evolution of about 1.4 million square meters at the intersection of two rivers in the inner ring of Wuhan.

The resonance between art and city set off a wave of aesthetic evolution.

Tadao Ando’s legendary life story has never stopped.

Modern building materials integrate the local local local climate, and the Silent Soul dialogue and inspiration collision.

In his creation, “light” has evolved into a spiritual force directly reaching the heart, leaving unique, magnificent and vitality works for the world, quietly and beautifully awakening the viewer’s perception of nature, life and life, and completing the Enlightenment of architectural spirit for many young people.

In Tadao Ando’s view, the sketch is like an unfinished building of an architect.

Without giving up the Japanese traditional craftsman spirit, he uses the simplest geometric style to constantly change the shape of light, and uses architecture to bring the power of human nature and freedom to everyone, as well as spiritual enlightenment to the viewer.

Tadao Ando prefers the image of “light” and always strides across dangers and pursues the inner light and shadow with the spirit of courage.

Look again, Tadao Ando introduced natural elements such as wind, light and water into the building.

Tadao Ando’s most “out of the circle” work is the sculpture “eternal youth” created by himself.

It is a way for architects to communicate with themselves and others.

Taking the green apple as an image, Tadao Ando paid tribute to the poem of American poet Samuel Ullman, which is also a footnote for his many years of creation and experience: “in line with the challenges faced by all mankind at present, I hope to awaken the audience’s idea of” from now on, without self limitation, surpassing self and constantly challenging “through the connotation of the heart of” green apple ” Andobox is operated by Amana / amanasalto, an international top imaging technology team from Japan.

Whether you are a professional, art lover or punch in person, I believe you can feel the artistic charm of the master and his works here.


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