The Global Architecture Academy Award, China won 1 / 4, great!

The buildings with green bamboo and wood colored bamboo strips are both natural plants in nature, so they will not compete with the existing natural environment.

Therefore, the design team fully used the shape and meaning of “bamboo” in this building.

The newly-built Tianfu International Airport around it is a major hub to and from Europe in the future.

Surrounded by paddy fields and hills, it looks like a hermit.

With a closer view, the green tile corridor and the indoor wooden decoration also present a simple and elegant beauty.

Among the award-winning Chinese architecture, there are not only classical buildings that respect Chinese culture; There are also bright new era and international high-energy buildings, which are more diverse in beauty.

It also adds calmness and tranquility to the architecture, and the atmosphere of meditation is coming.

The presentation form of the building is a “bamboo net” woven by hand and scattered at high and low levels.

The number of bamboos in Yibin, Sichuan is also rare in China.

Without meat makes people thin, and without bamboo makes people vulgar…” to exaggerate the intention of bamboo.

In terms of “adjusting measures to local conditions”, the “bamboo” existing in a large area in this area has appeared.

The bamboo sea in southern Sichuan behind the Academy stretches and fluctuates, forming a beautiful natural barrier.

Chinese construction projects won a quarter of all awards with strength! Great! The picture comes from the Internet.

Where there is beauty, there must be sheep, so today I’ll show you some award-winning buildings and feast your eyes ~ design team of bamboo Academy: Xiaoyin architectural bamboo has been known as one of the “four gentlemen” together with plum, orchid and chrysanthemum since ancient times.

The construction project of “Zhuzhi academy” happens to be located in Yongjiang village, Zhuhai town, Changning County, Yibin City, Sichuan Province, close to the bamboo sea in southern Sichuan, which is famous for bamboo.

The “bamboo branch” in the architectural name is one of the modern songs of Yuefu, which originates from a kind of folk songs in ancient Bayu area.

Let’s introduce architizer to unfamiliar partners: architizer is a Global Architecture Award and is committed to promoting and commending the best architecture and product design every year.

The shooting place in the film Crouching Tiger, hidden dragon was in the bamboo sea in southern Sichuan, which is located in Yibin, Sichuan.

Because the beauty of Zhuzhi academy is online, the architecture is not divorced from customer needs, and the overall style is adapted to local conditions The winner is convincing! Bamboo pavilion design team: lllab| Xuxiang building is also a building with “bamboo” in its name, but the “bamboo Pavilion” in Guilin is very different from the style of Zhuzhi Academy.

The design team of Chengdu Tianfu Water Conference Center: Mars studio star architecture firm.

At the same time, they also have the effect of echo and reinforcement.

Moreover, due to the strict and democratic voting mechanism, the audience and gold content of the award-winning building are also very high, so it is also known as the “Oscar in the construction industry”.

At first glance, the Tianfu water conference in Chengdu has a classical aesthetic feeling.

Let’s take a look at the big picture first.

Therefore, in addition to inheriting the porcelain culture, the kiln here is also a building that has been familiar to generations and has memories..

Therefore, this building not only has the sloping roof and landscape courtyard of ancient Chinese buildings, but also uses the hexagonal design to add the concept of “outward development”.

However, when observed in different time periods, it can be found that it is essentially an architecture based on ancient architectural forms but with a strong sense of future.

Because the bamboo pavilions are located in the “Yangshuo impression Liu Sanjie Park”, one of the most dramatic natural landscape environmental areas in China.

Solid wood represents the traditional part of architectural design, while glass shows the meaning of modernization.

Ring Clutch

Therefore, bamboo culture is also one of the characteristic cultures of Yibin, Sichuan.

It also makes the whole building like an island extending from the deep forest, blending with the surrounding natural environment.

The staggered design of different depths and materials not only adds a unique level of aesthetic feeling to the building itself, but also effectively reduces direct sunlight, making it greener, energy-saving and environmental protection ~ as a conference center, it has an atmospheric index up! Jingdezhen imperial kiln Museum} design team: Zhu Kai architectural firm Jingdezhen, as the only city famous for ceramics in China, has been burning for thousands of years.

In addition, customers also hope that the building contains three functions of “music square, Academy and meditation”.

It also provides shade and rest for the spectators waiting here.

As we all know, Chengdu is one of the first batch of national famous historical and cultural cities with a strong historical atmosphere.

Under the sunlight, weak but real light will be scattered randomly at the intersection of bamboo strips.

Therefore, it also complements the “Lefang” function that the building wanted to give.

The location of this design is a scenic spot on the outskirts of the city.

Therefore, the buildings here should not only reflect the strong sense of history already existing in Chengdu, but also increase the expectation for future development.

Su Dongpo once wrote a poem: “it’s better to eat without meat than live without bamboo.

It is not only practical in life, but also favored by poets and scholars of all dynasties.

In more than 5000 architectural designs in more than 100 countries participating in the competition for awards.

The design team intertwined the bamboo strips in a random way without any glue or nails to maintain their shape and texture.

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We also need to think about the feelings of the audience lining up to watch the performance, so as to provide them with convenience and increase the comfort of waiting.

The design concept of this building is also inseparable from the local culture & development.

At night, there are only a few lights in the house, which is quite an atmosphere for students to study at night.

At the same time, the building materials are mainly composed of solid wood and glass.

Therefore, in addition to taking materials according to local conditions and architectural beauty into account, this building.

The unique and flexible beauty is looming.

With the literary significance of bamboo itself, it naturally echoes the word “academy”.


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