A small hotel designed by those architects

Perry and Holland are from Essex, where Perry realized his long-standing wish to build a chapel in his hometown Essex, “In memory” of his fictional “ordinary woman in Essex” Julie copp (Julie cope) details of life in Essex.

In addition, there are other specially commissioned works of art, including furniture, cans and mosaic floors, which tell about Julie copp’s life.

Livingarchitecture hopes to give more people a chance to really live in modern architecture.

It’s not easy to live in a seclusion house.

Do you think the house has a Church temperament? Yes, Holland and Perry refer to it The ancient church form.

De Botton believes that although there are many modern buildings in Britain, they are often public spaces.

Perry hopes that the Essex house can make people feel that art and architecture can enhance people’s spirit and experience the world through other people’s eyes, whether it is reality or fiction.

What is the relationship between modern architecture and human happiness? In 2005, the British writer Alain de Botton wrote in the building of happiness, “we need a refuge, so we support our mental state, because the world is so alien.” Not only that, he also started a non-profit rental project called livingarchitecture, which commissioned excellent architects to build small single family rental houses all over the UK.

MVRDV wraps the main body of the building in reflective steel tiles, reminiscent of the local metal covered barn.

Turner award winning artist Grayson Perry and fat architecture architect Charles Holland completed this fairy tale cabin in five years.

It also gives a livable modern atmosphere to the balanced house in the countryside..

The artist also hides many charming and strange details in the building, such as the hidden stairs leading to the balcony.

It is also his first permanent building in Britain, located on the hilltop plot bought by de Botton 10 years ago.

The floor of the living room is “inlaid” with a transparent window, so that you can feel the real modern family life in nature.

The furniture and lamps specially designed for the House reflect the best creativity of Dutch design.

These abstract works bring rich color and depth to space.

This uncompromising house is unique in the continuous scenery of Essex.

▲ writer Alan de Botton’s “rental houses” are all over Britain.

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02 secularretriet 📍 Peter Zumthor’s South Devon refuge house is the last building of the livingarchitecture project, Peter Zumthor, one of the world’s greatest architects, was invited to design this independent house.

03 balancing house 𞓜 balancing barn 📍 MVRDV this striking cantilevered house in Suffolk was written by MVRDV, a Dutch architecture firm.

Living in this two bedroom house, there will be an illusion of entering a fairy tale.

You can walk in the Monterey pine forest around the house.

The color of the plants sets off the building surface and successfully integrates with the rural scenery.

Its location used to be a farm of the Suffolk Wildlife Trust, a few miles off the Suffolk coast.

Perry called it “Taj Mahal on STO River” ——A memorial building built for a woman.

“I can’t help but want to build this house.” Therefore, zumto put the landscape of Devonshire in the first place: the floor glass window became the main body of the wall, each room had natural light, and outside the window were sheep dotted farms and wooded hills.

“It has become rare to sit in a house overlooking the beautiful scenery without any traces of other buildings interfering with the rolling mountains,” zumto wrote.

The living room is lined with decorative wood panels, a statue of Goddess and Perry’s tapestry.

The few existing modern houses are almost privately owned and rarely have the opportunity to experience intimately.

The furniture and lamps designed by zumto bring more warmth to the pure space: the local color furniture and velvet seats make the space with strong lines soft.

In addition to “embedding” their famous balance game in the 30 meter long house, you can go to the swing hanging at the end of the 15 meter long cantilever to revisit the memory of childhood.

01 house of Essex 𞓜 ahouseforessex 📍 Grayson Perry and fat architecture Essex County take an hour’s train from London to Essex house, which is the most beautiful building in the living architecture project.

The clean and bright kitchen and the bathtub covered with mosaic tiles are enough for people to enjoy life in the pastoral scenery.

It also has a good living experience.

It’s said that the reservation in 2019 is full.

When designing this project, MVRDV pays special attention to the history of the site and local plants.

On the walls and floors are canvases and carpets commissioned by local painters John Constable and Thomas Gainsborough.

The towering roof and long facade are paved with about 2000 handmade ceramic tiles and sculptures, all designed and made by Perry.


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