The first rural construction craftsman training course of Huili in 2021 has started

It is hoped that the students will cherish this learning opportunity, gain something through the training and get good results.

In order to further promote the high-quality development of Huili village and town construction, improve the skills and quality of rural construction craftsmen and help rural revitalization, the first rural construction craftsmen training course of Huili in 2021 was held on September 23 to “energize” more than 300 construction craftsmen from all townships (towns and streets) of the County.

After the training, we should take the initiative to act as the propagandist of rural housing construction, take the lead in using the rural housing construction drawings uniformly and standardized by the province, state and county, and apply the knowledge and laws learned this time We should take the lead in guiding and supervising the local villagers to build houses, and promote the healthy and orderly development of Huili rural housing and rural construction; we should inherit the traditional construction technology and technology, dare to shoulder the important task of rural sages, reflect the role of rural construction craftsmen, inherit and develop the rich regional and ethnic characteristic architectural culture, and contribute to the high quality of Huili rural construction during the 14th Five Year Plan period It is understood that the training will last for two days.

Zhou Xianguo, vice chairman of the county CPPCC, Wang Jianping, Deputy Secretary General of Sichuan Rural Construction Association and other training teachers attended the opening ceremony.

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After the training, the trainees will also have a unified completion examination.

The training was hosted by the housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau of Huili County and undertaken by the village and Town Construction Association of Sichuan Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development.

The training requirements are that all participants should fully understand the training of rural construction craftsmen The great significance of the training of construction craftsmen is to continuously improve the level of rural construction craftsmen, so as to greatly improve the safety, practicability, livability and style transformation of rural housing.

Those who pass the examination will be issued the certificate of construction craftsman training by the competent department of the industry , which will provide an important guarantee for students to broaden employment channels and promote employment and increase income in the future.

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We propose to wear masks, refuse to eat game, wash hands diligently, reduce staying out, refuse to get together, refuse rumors, cooperate with inspection and scientific medical support.

Provincial Architectural experts with rich experience and experience in craftsman training and school running were specially invited to give lectures indoors, explain business knowledge and learn from each other after class, focusing on the “knowledge and skills of rural architectural craftsmen” Key points of rural housing construction technology and quality and safety control, identification, maintenance and reinforcement of rural dangerous buildings, improvement of rural housing style and construction and repair of ancient buildings The training pointed out that the meeting manager attached great importance to the training of rural construction craftsmen and was fully prepared.

It will promote and learn from the good practices and experiences of the meeting manager in the training of rural construction craftsmen.


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