Application conditions and treatment of eight members of the construction team

For specific details, please consult the announcement and inform the company.

These personnel are always busy in the engineering company.

The supervisor is undoubtedly a relatively relaxed position.

Education requirements: technical secondary school (including high school, technical secondary school and higher vocational education) and above can take the exam and work in related industries.

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What about the high gold content of the certificate of eight members? Next, let’s get to know each other.

There is a great opportunity for high salary or oil and water.

In terms of salary alone, it is possible for a cost controller with 4 ~ 6 years of experience to earn 6000 ~ 10000.

Such personnel are also the most in demand in the market.

The safety officer has the greatest responsibility, the work is not easy to start, and the salary is not as good as that of the construction worker, but it will be easier than that of the construction worker, about 6000 in the later stage.

The quality personnel have the most oil and water, and their main responsibility is quality inspection and supervision.

As the most basic certificate system on the construction site, the examination difficulty is not high.

Data can often pile up a big table, but a good documenter can reach more than 10000 a month.

Purchasing materials and things used in the project have the highest material value.

Which of the eight member certificates has high gold content? Eight members are the most common and basic construction supporting personnel.

The documenter has the most chores, which is also a hard job.

Construction workers can be said to be the most laborious position, but they often have good prospects for development in the later stage.

Age: 18 ~ 60 years old.

588, Gaoxin fifth road, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province.

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The conditions for applying for the certificate of the eight members are very low.

Although the salary is not very high, there is more oil and water and more leisure time.

When the second career development or research, you can consider that the basic salary is 4000 ~ 6000.

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Materialman is an indispensable front-duty position in all construction projects.

Working years: the working years are not required, but the on-the-job personnel of construction enterprises (many small companies ask people who are not their own units to get certificates after taking the examination).

The market demand is only engineering.

However, now the construction water is too deep, so they are afraid of accidents.

The cost personnel of Party A and the construction party are better than those of the consulting company or studio.

The general salary is only 3000-4000 at the beginning, and more than 15000 when they are project managers.

Click the blue words above to pay attention to our eight construction personnel, including construction personnel, quality personnel, safety personnel, standard personnel, material personnel, mechanic, labor personnel and documenter.

Examination difficulty and score management: low difficulty, high pass rate, one-time pass.


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