The first architectural exhibition in the West Bank: see the world-class classic architecture in Paris in Mordor!

“Paris architecture (1948-2020): witness of urban process”, a special exhibition of the five-year Chen cooperation project between the West Bank Art Museum and Pompidou Center, is the first art museum special exhibition in China to focus the curatorial perspective on the international urban development process.

The “cube dug out of the center” designed by architect sprecelson marks the end of this line without hindering its continuous extension.

After that, many large-scale projects fell to the ground, such as La Villette Park, Arab world research center and multi-functional large stadium…

  Witness to the urban process of Paris architecture (1948-2020).

The reconstruction of French suburbs provided a perfect experimental field for architects of the new era.

Its subtlety is reflected in its hollow center.

These high-rise buildings are mainly used for office.

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After World War II, Paris was faced with national housing reconstruction.

Some architects put forward reasonable solutions.

It is worth understanding deeply.

Today, Paris is still in development, and it is still an important place for urban transformation and architectural innovation.

For example, the reale canopy jointly designed by Patrick Berger and Jacques anziuti architectural firm still has a significant impact at present.

Exhibition time from now on – 2022 / 02 / 20.

The exhibition is divided into 10 chapters.

The symbol of Paris in the 1970s is the rising high-rise buildings, which is a new scene under economic growth.

For example, Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers designed the building for George Pompidou national art and culture center.

In addition to the construction in the East, the Mitterrand government has also designated a large area of balanced development.

In the second chapter of the exhibition area, Paris oli airport represents another modern grandeur.

The large-scale development of eastern Paris began in the 1970s and ran through the 1980s.

The art museum is designed like a machine, with exposed pipes and distinguished by bright colors.

It traces the far-reaching evolution of Bali as an international metropolis through many architectural masterpieces and classic cases of the new generation of modern architects after World War II, such as Renzo Piano, Jean Nouvelle, Tadao Ando, Frank Gerry, Rem Koolhaas and other international architects in the past 70 years.

Since 1974, people have proposed to build an Arab cultural center in Paris.

At the same time, Keling National Theatre and the reception and research center of the French national archives are also worth visiting.

In the 1950s, a new generation of designers began to have various ideas based on modern materials.

A large number of immigrants poured into Paris, and housing shortage became an urgent problem.

The French Ministry of economy and finance was the first project during the term of President Fran ç OIS Mitterrand.

Architect Henry Vicario built a long building with a large sunshade, The automatic baggage sorting and conveying system is adopted in the airport building for the first time, and escalators and sidewalks are installed.

This project was not approved until 1990.

Exhibition address: Exhibition Hall 03, West Bank Art Museum, Xuhui District.

Architect Jean pruvy borrowed the structural design of cars and improved the structural design of roofs and houses, becoming a model of innovation and breakthrough in architectural history.

The work “14 single family houses in worry free city” is one of the important works.

The exhibition selects Paris architecture completed between 1948 and 2020, including nearly 120 works including architectural models, drawings, documents and images of 75 projects, Here they outline the different periods of Paris urban planning.

Before visiting, please go to the “West Bank Life” applet for venue reservation.

The area where the original site of the Ministry of economy and finance was fully contributed to the Louvre Museum, so a new one was built in belsi; The radfons arch is another magnificent building.

In addition, there are the meditation space designed by Tadao Ando, the music city and the Kelly Museum , Paris Philharmonic Concert Hall, Louis Vuitton Foundation…

The pictures are from the official and online sources, such as invasion and deletion-  .

It is the first modern terminal in Europe.

Of course, there are also housing projects.

Social housing is also a problem that Paris needs to face after the war.

On the left bank of the Seine River, from Austerlitz railway station to ring Avenue, and on the right bank, from the Ministry of finance to ring Avenue, many unique buildings have emerged, such as the Cartier contemporary art foundation designed by Jean nuville and the American cultural center designed by Frank Owen Gary (now French Film Archive) Darava villa designed by Rem Koolhaas, etc.

since the 1990s, many large-scale cultural facilities have led the development of the East.

With the growth of population and the change of population structure, the cities and towns around Paris absorbed the corresponding population migration.

For example, the French National Library, as the closing work of Mitterrand’s great project, this most expensive project has the aesthetic characteristics of classicism and minimalism.

In Ivry on the Seine River, Lenny gayus and Jean lenodi jointly transformed the central urban area and embedded green terraces into star shaped buildings, The street will suddenly appear in an important floor to accommodate a large number of residents while taking into account the quality of living.

It also became the first project in the “great project” of French President Mitterrand in 1982.


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