[design competition] 2021 architectural design exhibition in developing countries and 2021 International Student Design Competition

payment method Alipay transfer   Alipay account: shejidazhan@163.com (please note the name of the entry and the name of the contestant) notes: after payment, please take a screenshot or take photos of the payment voucher and submit it together with the design work and the application form to the email: SHEJIDAZHAN@163.COM 。   7、 Contact information official website: http://www.archiward.net organizing committee email: Hes- ASIAPACIFIC@HOTMAIL.COM Submission email: SHEJIDAZHAN@163.COM   8、 1.

Chinese mainland entries (each entry item) must be paid 1000 yuan (student’s work is 350 yuan, need to provide student’s certificate electronic scanning, and meet the requirements of the competition forwarding), other countries and regions (each entry project) participants to pay $300 (student works for $100, need to provide student’s certificate electronic scanning).

The deadline for registration and payment is February 28, 2022, and the deadline for submission of works is March 15, 2022.

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Nomination Award (open-ended) 7.

In order to encourage students to participate in the activity, all participating student works will be automatically shortlisted in the “2021 International Student Design Competition” and share five levels of awards, including Gold Award (5), Silver Award (50), Bronze Award (100), Excellence Award (open-ended), shortlisted Award (projects that meet the work submission requirements can directly obtain shortlisted awards and above), The prize will be awarded at the end of March 2022.

It is a landmark chapter in the history of world architecture.

Any attack and sabotage against this activity will be resorted to law; 5.

Finalist Award (all projects that meet the requirements of work submission can directly obtain the Finalist Award and above Awards)   Note: the award certificates of the above seven levels will be issued by the International Institute of architecture and the Asia Pacific Human Settlements society.

Bronze Award (500 items) 5.

  Registration form online disk.

Other categories considered relevant by the participants   5、 Award setting 1.

For some works that have won the best architectural design award, the organizing committee may organize Hong Kong media to report or interview the author.

Among them, the design works winning awards in competitions, exhibitions and academic activities at all levels can directly win the Excellence Award and above awards by virtue of the electronic scanning copy of the award certificate; The design works that win prizes in national competitions, exhibitions and academic activities can directly win bronze awards and above by virtue of the electronic scanning copy of the award-winning certificate; It is worth mentioning that after the student’s design works are recommended by the instructor, they can directly win the nomination award and above awards, but the electronic scanning copy containing the recommendation opinions (Chinese or English) and the instructor’s signature shall be submitted; All entries that meet the submission requirements can be shortlisted and above awards.

  6、 Fees 1.

The specific situation will be notified separately.

Plagiarism is prohibited.

The fee will be charged by the special account designated by the organizer.

Once found, the award-winning qualification will be cancelled; 3.

The number of awards will be adjusted according to the number of entries and will not be announced separately.

Excellence Award (open-ended) 6.

Garden landscape 5.


Interior design 6.

  2、 Qualification teachers, students, designers and design enthusiasts of design colleges at home and abroad can participate in the competition, and are allowed to participate in the form of individual or team (no more than 5 people).

Gold Award (30 items) 3.

Urban planning 3.

The copyright of other entries belongs to the contestants; 2.

They must be sent to the e-mail designated by the organizing committee together with the application form: SHEJIDAZHAN@163.COM , for the sake of fairness, the registration form needs to be sent to the organizer’s email address separately again: ARCHITECTURESOCIETY@OUTLOOK.COM And hes- ASIAPACIFIC@HOTMAIL.COM To back up the registration information; 5.

This competition only accepts the electronic documents of design works, and the electronic documents shall not exceed 50m.

The electronic documents to be submitted by the contestants include: the application form, design works, screenshots or photos of payment vouchers, the electronic scanning copy of student ID (if any), the electronic scanning copy of instructor’s recommendation (if any), and the electronic scanning copy of the award certificate of participating design works in other competitions (if any); 6.

The number of characters is unlimited, but the language shall be Chinese (traditional or simplified) or English; 4.

The organizing committee will award and issue certificates at the end of March 2022.

Best architectural design Award (10 items) 2.

This design exhibition hopes to attract the most innovative design works, select and commend the innovative works of designers to the greatest extent, so as to promote international architectural design cultural exchange.

Organizer: International Institute of Architecture       Asia Pacific Human Settlements society organizer: Shanghai Hanshi Culture Communication Co., Ltd   1、 Theme: contemporary architectural innovation architectural design in developing countries is full of vitality and changes with each passing day.

  3、 Requirements for submission of works 1.

Design works must be located in developing countries, which can be actual projects that have been built, under construction or not, experimental research and discussion or student design homework; 2.

  4、 Category of entries 1.

Architectural design 2.

Digital performance 7.

The drawings of the design work shall include a brief design description, which can assist in explaining the design intent and characteristics of the work.

A small amount of fees shall be paid for the entries, and the payment currency shall be RMB or US dollars.

For questions about the competition, please email hes- ASIAPACIFIC@HOTMAIL.COM ; 4.

In addition to the award-winning certificate, the design works that have won the Gold Award and above will also be collected by the Asia Pacific Human Settlements society and issued a collection certificate.

Silver Award (100 items) 4.

The drawings and contents of the design works are not limited, but the electronic documents shall be in JPG or PDF format, and the resolution shall not be less than 100dpi; 3.

The organizer reserves the right to interpret the event.

Municipal engineering 4.


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