The construction safety officer should pay attention to these seven types of projects during the construction process!


(Anhui Jianlian, Anhui scaffold and new building formwork leasing enterprise.

5、 Scaffold works 1.


Concrete formwork support works: the erection height is 5M and above; Erection span 10m and above; Total construction load 10kN / m2 and above; Concentrated line load 15kn / M and above; Concrete formwork support works with height greater than the horizontal projection width of the support and relatively independent unconnected members.


2、 Earth excavation works earth excavation works of foundation pit (trench) with excavation depth of more than 3m (including 3M).

4、 Hoisting, installation and disassembly works 1.

Demolition by blasting.

In particular, we should pay attention to safety management and prevent accidents.

Hanging basket scaffold works.


Hoisting works with unconventional hoisting equipment and methods and a single hoisting weight of 10kN and above.

Three, template engineering and support system 1, all kinds of tool template engineering: including large formwork, slip form, climbing formwork, flying mold and other projects.

What is “dangerous project”? As the name suggests, “dangerous project” is a project with greater risk.


Prestressing works.


Demolition of buildings and structures.

Manual excavation and reaming pile works.

Floor type steel pipe scaffold works with a height of 24m and above shall be erected.

Underground excavation, pipe jacking and underwater operation works.

is a new formwork turnbuckle scaffold leasing company in East China.



Attached integral and piecewise lifting scaffold works.


Building curtain wall installation works.



Divisional and subdivisional works with high risk I.

Steel structure, grid and cable membrane structure installation works.


foundation pit support and dewatering works with excavation depth of more than 3m (including 3M) or foundation pit (groove) support and dewatering works with complex geological conditions and surrounding environment although not more than 3m.

Today, let’s learn about the “dangerous and large projects” in construction.

The picture shows that the scaffolders of the company are setting up turnbuckle scaffolds) who is the turnbuckle scaffold leasing company? Anhui Jianlian mechanical equipment Leasing Co., Ltd.

Adopt new technology, new process, new materials, new equipment and divisional and subdivisional works with high risk without relevant technical standards.

Load bearing support system: it is used for full hall support system such as steel structure installation.


Cantilever scaffold works.

Fixing Socket Cross Pin Nail Plate

The company has a material reserve and transfer center of thousands of tons, which can fully meet the needs of large-scale construction projects and realize one-time rationing; The material storage center is close to the entrance of the expressway and has reached a capacity guarantee agreement with Anhui Xingchen International Freight Co., Ltd., which can transport materials to most parts of East China within 24 hours…

The company takes Tianjin Jiuwei, a leading enterprise in China’s turnbuckle production, as its strong partner and is determined to be a leading enterprise in China All construction enterprises in East China provide scientific, safe and efficient scaffold support schemes to contribute to the realization of the Chinese dream of China’s construction industry.

In the construction of dangerous and large projects, many projects are called “dangerous and large projects”.

Installation works with hoisting machinery.


Self made unloading platform and mobile operation platform project.

Installation and disassembly of hoisting machinery and equipment.

7、 Other dangerous works 1.

87 measures for the safety management of high-risk divisional and subdivisional works stipulates that the high-risk divisional and subdivisional works mentioned in these Measures refer to the divisional and subdivisional works existing in the construction process of construction projects that may lead to mass death and injury of operators or significant adverse social impact Article 5 stipulates that the construction unit shall prepare a special scheme before the construction of divisional and subdivisional works with high risk; For divisional and subdivisional works with greater risk exceeding a certain scale, the construction unit shall organize experts to demonstrate the special scheme.

New and special-shaped scaffold engineering.


Article 3 of JZ [2009] No.

6、 Demolition and blasting works 1.

Anhui Jianlian has strong material reserve, transfer site, developed logistics distribution system and strong after-sales service system.


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