[jianjiantong] Chinese people must know: Wulun, Wuchang, 4D and bade

Although the world’s property is loved by everyone, it needs to be taken with justice.

Honesty, openness and selflessness, integrity, shame.

Brothers used to be connected with each other, sisters, blind dates, brothers and gas.

Benevolence means loving people.

If you treat people with courtesy, others will respond with courtesy.

People will bully others, but heaven will never bully anyone.

[five ethics] 1.

This change not only includes the increase or decrease of the number of basic moral norms, but also the enrichment and development of the connotation of each moral norm in different historical periods.

Their kindness is as deep as the sea, and their virtue is as high as Mount Tai.

God admires people and keeps a good name forever.

People’s success and failure are based on faith.

It is difficult to describe every move day and night.

Righteousness means putting a little more emphasis on people.

When people need it, I can help them in time.

It means to be selfless without evil thoughts and not to do evil things such as being guilty..

The ancients often said: “heaven has no relatives, often with good people.” Five ethics, five constant, four dimensions and eight virtues show the course of Chinese moral development.

Father and son have close relatives, and father and son have flesh and blood relatives.

They love their son until death.

Therefore, a just gentleman is not only not greedy for ill gotten wealth, but also supports justice and relieves all good people.

Ancient rites are like curved grain.

If you break an appointment with someone, buy, sell or work only for your own interests, or speak falsely and untruthfully, you will lose your faith.

People should not be rude on all things, otherwise they will be different from animals? Also can not get the respect of others.

[Wuchang] benevolence refers to harmony and harmony when dealing with another person.

Being a son means that brothers and brothers should be fostered and supported.

Only the ears full of grain will bend their heads.

Loyalty is the so-called loyal person.

The meaning of ancient words is inseparable from me.

In other words, it means loving people When people are in trouble, it is righteousness to help them.

[eight virtues] filial piety is half old and half son.

It means benevolence.

He is the daughter-in-law of the son of man today, and he will be his parents Weng Gu the next day.

Courtesy can show people’s identity and personality, modest attitude, dignified appearance, regular behavior, polite to elders, and be kind and loving to the next generation.

If they insist on doing things contrary to the laws of nature, it would be better If you will die against the sky, there will be disaster.

They always work tirelessly without complaint.

Friends have faith, and friends have the virtue of integrity.

It refers to the laws of the operation of the universe.

Today, he is not filial to his parents Weng Gu, and he will be affected by the vicious circle of filial piety of his daughter-in-law the next day.

The history of Chinese traditional moral development tells us that the emergence and development of morality are the needs of human social life, and change with the changes of social life.

We must not be without filial piety.

These are the principles and code of conduct for dealing with interpersonal relations.

People should not do anything wrong.

If you bend down, you will be tall.

If you take it inversely with unjust windfall and benefit yourself at the expense of others, you will eventually perish according to disaster.

Parents love their son in every detail, work hard and take risks.

Architectural communication media ID: jianzhong001 [morality] Tao refers to the laws of nature, also known as the Tao of heaven.

It is polite to others.

The essence of ceremony lies in bending.

Shame is the sense of shame for bad things.

In short, loving people means benevolence.

Righteousness is the moral obligation to the country and society.

Ti Ti, the word Ti first points to brother, then points to brother.

Therefore, monasticism must pay attention to etiquette, self-respect, self love, respect others and love.

Righteousness means doing things in accordance with the right way.

Incorruptibility means to be clean and upright.

Faith is the yardstick of humanity.

Bow body, one hand and one foot, is the closest sibling brother.

Others’ understanding of the surrounding world in exchange for their life or blood will suffer if they do not believe the teacher’s teachings.

Monarchs and officials have righteousness, and monarchs and officials have the way of etiquette and righteousness.

There is an order of inferiority and inferiority between old and young.

Therefore, words and deeds should be taken into account, and the heart and mouth should be one, so as to believe and practice.

It says that relatives are half old and half buried in the earth.

The ancients understood the meaning of morality as well as gain.

Filial piety begets filial obedience, and disobedience begets disobedience.


No matter how the world changes, the laws of the operation of the Tao of heaven will never change.

Gein is accustomed to his behavior and naturally learns his behavior.

He works in good faith, is legal and reasonable, and does his best to be fair and selfless.

They were born of the same mother and were born into adults together.

If he is not filial to his parents, others will turn against you.

Elders and children are in order.

Believe, people speak.

Morality refers to following the rules of nature.

In ancient times, there was no paper, and experience and skills were taught by words and deeds.

Fourth dimension: the hierarchical order of courtesy, high and low, old and young, rich and poor.

You can’t just think about yourself, you can’t be selfish, you can put yourself in the other’s shoes, think about others, and do things for yourself.

People can get the Tao if they follow the laws of nature.


Of course, they will not deceive people.


Without filial piety is like a tree without roots, like water without a source.

It is called wisdom to think through the things in daily life, understand the law of the operation of the universe and the relationship between people.

Therefore, respect is a gift.


If he wants his son to be filial, he must first be filial to his parents.

Couples love each other and are different inside and outside.

I use my king to distinguish right from wrong.

People who believe in their husband are honest.

Such a noble character does not lose the way of etiquette.

Believers are actually human words and wisdom summed up by human beings from universal experience.

It means that if you don’t have this blessing, you have to enjoy it.

Disciple Guizhong said, “if anyone speaks, faith is the first, fraud and delusion, Xi can be Yan.” He is loyal to heaven and earth, to the gods, to the state and society, to his parents, brothers and wives, and to his conscience.

Foot Mounted Anchor

Couples are different.

Zhizhi knows everyday things.

It’s a matter of a gentleman’s cultivation.

The so-called “all good filial piety comes first” 。 Filial piety is the first of 100 actions and the source of all goodness, which is the first major obligation for people to do and keep.

Parents adopt their son as an adult.

In the end, it will lead to disease and disaster.

A son of man must repay his kindness.

Ceremony, show people to Qu also.

Our ancestors taught us, “if virtue doesn’t match, there will be disaster.”.

People believe in their words.

Confucianism Values benevolence.

Brother Kuan and brother can’t bear to lose brotherhood.

The prosperity of the family is not due to Ti Tao.


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