Construction central enterprise social recruitment, 85 Posts waiting for you!

As the investment and construction subject of the transportation infrastructure project of Gezhouba Group, the company performs the responsibility of the management subject and creates “four platforms” for decision support, construction management, operation management and capital operation of the transportation infrastructure business of Gezhouba Group.

Have educational background, work experience, professional ability and professional qualification suitable for the job requirements.

5、 Recruitment procedure (I) for online registration, please fill in the application resume of Gezhouba Group Transportation Investment Co., Ltd.

1、 Recruitment positions and number of people 20 positions are recruited this time, with a total of 85 people.


If there is any untrue information, once it is found, the employment qualification shall be cancelled and the labor contract shall be terminated.

The salary shall be implemented according to the company’s salary management system and enjoy the social insurance benefits stipulated by the state.


Due to the needs of business development, the company introduces and reserves talents for its high-speed project company under construction.

Wonderful review of previous periods 1.


Department of housing and urban rural development: another 1171 constructors “hang certificates”! 4.

is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China energy construction Gezhouba Group.

The initial education is full-time bachelor degree or above.

3、 Working location: Guangxi, Shandong, Yunnan, etc.


Afghanistan Reconstruction recruits a production manager with a salary of 2.2 million / year! CCCC Fourth Highway Bureau has called the police…

No further notice will be given to those who are not selected.


(2) The recruitment information collected will be kept strictly confidential and will only be used for this recruitment.

After the second construction examination, it even checked the social security for 20 months! 3.

Its main business includes investment, financing, construction, operation and capital operation of domestic expressway, other toll roads, parking lots and other transportation infrastructure, investment, financing and construction of urban rail transit projects, and entrusted operation of expressway; Domestic highway energy, supermarkets, logistics, tourism, advertising and other road derivative economic businesses.

Lai (027-58908561).

8 dead and 1 injured! The general manager of the supervision company was arrested! The Secretary for housing and urban rural development / deputy county magistrate and other 20 people were held accountable! 5.

4、 Employment method and treatment 1.

The company will contact the candidates by telephone, e-mail and other means to notify them to enter the next recruitment link.

(2) Job application conditions the candidate shall meet the application conditions of the application position.

Attention!! Big change of mixed code (GB50204)! 6.

Gezhouba Group Transportation Investment Co., Ltd.

(2) The preliminary review screen will review and screen the qualification conditions of candidates and select the best candidates.

Have strong learning ability, good team spirit and good risk awareness.

Contact: Mr.

Build an industry-leading transportation infrastructure investment, construction and operation company and establish a well-known brand of “Gezhouba transportation and investment”.

Abide by discipline and law, be honest and trustworthy.

(Annex), and send my graduation certificate, degree certificate, professional title certificate, qualification certificate, current position documents and other relevant supporting materials (scanned originals) to the email 。 The subject of the email is “name + applied position”.

for specific job application conditions.

Admire! A beautiful project manager in Tengyue ordered “watching” to let his friends know..

2、 Application conditions (I) basic conditions according to the needs of the post, the candidate should meet the following conditions at the same time: 1.

Cast in Sockets

Handle employment procedures, sign a fixed-term labor contract, and the probation period is 6 months.

6、 Other matters (I) candidates shall be responsible for the authenticity, completeness and effectiveness of the information or materials submitted.

Especially excellent, the application conditions can be relaxed appropriately.

(3) The interview will conduct on-site interview or video interview for the selected candidates in combination with the epidemic situation and the requirements of the local government for epidemic prevention and control.

See the list of recruitment positions and qualification conditions of Gezhouba Group Transportation Investment Co., Ltd.


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