Architecture | every work of this sculpture landscape master is exquisite!

Representative works of this period include his stone relief for the peace of Jerusalem (1965-1966); And his first site-specific environmental sculpture——   Be’er Sheva (Israel 1963-1968), which became a milestone in environmental art.

  Karavan was born in Tel Aviv and his father is the chief landscape architect in Tel Aviv.

Each installation resonates with the memory of a specific place and is the real medium of the artist, mainly as a place to live, reflect and communicate with nature.

His works are not put on a pedestal as art Appreciate the sculptures.

Dani karavan, a famous Israeli artist and sculpture award, died on May 29, 2021 at the age of 90.

I want to create a peaceful environment, not just to commemorate itself.” in his long career, karavan is famous for designing Memorial monuments integrated with the environment.

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  During the Second World War, Jews and others suffered terrible atrocities, which is a key theme of karavan’s works, especially because his parents’ family lost many members in the Holocaust.

From Israel to Japan, From the United States to South Korea, from France to Italy, each of his works invites people who walk here to feel the original charm of the venue itself-.

Although their scale is reminiscent of huge ruins, they are not designed for living, so they can not be regarded as buildings or cities.

Although initially interested in mural work, karaven turned to sculpture design after realizing that the building materials used in Israel were not suitable for murals.

Karaven integrates the existing geographical, climatic and historical environment of specific places into his works and turns them into works of art coexisting with his own creation.

He has been entrusted to build monuments for the victims of German Nazis many times.

Since the early 1960s, karaven has worked with bat Sheva dance company, Martha Graham and Giancarlo Menotti to design stage sets for drama, dance and opera.

Although karaven is a sculptor, he is a unique and unprecedented sculptor.

Karavan studied art at the Bezalel Academy of art in Italy and Paris, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

He has been constantly trying to be tolerant and humane Dani karavan’s works extract materials from a variety of natural elements, such as sand, wood, water, wind, trees and natural light.

In 2014, when asked about the monument to the Negev brigade in 1963, karawan said: “I want to create a place where people are willing to come, make people deeply fascinated by this place, and use it to experience the scenery and explore their true nature.” “I want to create a place where children can play and integrate these memories into their childhood life.

His creation has a profound humanistic color.


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