The “big tower era” is approaching! Large new infrastructure and assembly buildings are popular, which ushers in new opportunities in the

However, after entering the third quarter, construction machinery is gradually facing more and more concerns about whether the follow-up can continue to grow.

Now they have gradually penetrated into prefecture level cities and even county-level cities, and the company’s market share still has room to improve..

“The unit price of such tower crane equipment may be tens of millions of yuan or even hundreds of millions of yuan,” said a person in the tower crane industry.

Its maximum lifting weight reaches 450 tons and the maximum lifting height is 400 meters, which is equivalent to lifting 300 cars to 130 floors at one time.

At this time, the traditional hoisting scheme is difficult to meet the requirements, and the advantages of large tower hoisting are beginning to appear,” Tang Shaofang said.

“New infrastructure, especially wind power and other new energy infrastructure, is becoming larger and larger, prefabricated buildings are becoming more and more popular, tower cranes are used for hoisting in more and more fields, and more and more ‘big towers’ are required for hoisting.” this has led to new changes in the subdivided field of construction machinery, tower cranes.

Regarding the tower crane industry, Zoomlion said that there are many manufacturers in the tower crane industry, about 300 enterprises registered by the association, and few enterprises above designated size, Over the years, the growth rate of the industry in the second half of the year will be a little lower than that in the first half of the year “The Matthew effect of the tower crane industry is becoming more and more obvious, and the core reason for the improvement of the industry concentration is that the tower crane has higher requirements for safety and reliability than cost performance.

China’s prefabricated buildings will also develop in this direction, and the big tower will usher in a period of rapid development,” Tang Shaofang said.

In addition, the promotion and application of new technologies and new construction methods in the field of new infrastructure and even construction also drives the market demand for super tonnage models.

“Benefiting from the increase in the proportion of medium and large-scale products, the average sales price of our construction crane (also known as’ tower crane ‘) has increased significantly compared with previous years.” Tang Shaofang, vice president of Zoomlion and general manager of Zoomlion construction crane, said at the “tower hoisting forum” on October 25.

After completing the domestic import substitution, the leader of China’s construction machinery industry will obtain a considerable market share in the world and move from China’s leader to the global leader.

“Now, many wind power installations are more than 150 meters high and weigh more than 140 tons.

It is judged that the infrastructure construction will resume step by step in the fourth quarter, and the construction machinery industry is expected to stabilize and show a shock upward trend.

It is worth mentioning that 6 MW wind power and 1 million KW nuclear power have also been promoted.” Tang Shaofang said in the keynote speech of the forum.

Facing such lifting requirements, truck cranes, crawler cranes and traditional tower cranes are difficult to meet.

The Research Report of Zheshang Securities believes that construction machinery is China’s current advantageous industry, and Chinese companies can rely on economies of scale and production The advantages of industrial chain and operation efficiency have made China a global leader.

The field of real estate construction is the main position of tower crane application, and the construction industrialization also brings new opportunities to the development of tower crane.

The hoisting of prefabricated buildings in Singapore is the hoisting of whole or complete apartment buildings, using tower cranes of 600tm to 1200tm.

In 2020, prefabricated buildings will account for 15%; It is estimated that by 2025, prefabricated buildings will account for more than 30%.

From January to August this year, the statistics of 12 main products increased significantly, with production and sales of more than 1.32 million units, a year-on-year increase of 44%; According to statistics, the operating revenue of 12 key enterprise groups increased by 34.3% year-on-year, and the total import and export of the whole industry increased by 49.7% year-on-year.

According to the report on the development of prefabricated buildings in 2019, the market space of PC components continues to expand, with a compound growth rate of 38% from 2019 to 2025.

Tower cranes also have structural changes, mainly from small to medium-sized, and the market is also sinking, Before, the price of top enterprises was high and concentrated in first tier cities.

With the increasing number of super projects in China year by year, the proportion of construction industrialization has increased, and the heavy-duty development of hoisting industry is advancing by leaps and bounds.

The product weighs 4000 tons and has a rated lifting moment of 12000 ton meters.

On October 25, Su Zimeng, President of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, said that in recent years, China’s construction machinery industry has continued to maintain rapid growth, and the sales of some products have repeatedly hit record highs.

However, in the long run, the current cycle of construction machinery is significantly different from the previous cycle, the industry is more stable, and the voice and influence of leading enterprises are increasing.” a researcher in the construction machinery industry believes that.

It is reported that benefiting from the proposal of carbon emission targets, clean energy and renewable energy are one of the new trends of China’s economic development, and the growth of super tonnage models driven by wind power, photovoltaic and other industries is still strong.

In the field of new infrastructure, taking wind power construction as an example, the power, height and tonnage of wind power projects are increasing.

There is a lot of room for the development of tower cranes in the future,” said an industry analyst.

The safety of Zoomlion has been fully verified, and Zoomlion tower crane is highly recognized by customers, constructors and government regulators.

In June this year, the fifth national plan was upgraded to the sixth national plan.

At the same time, the favorable factors supporting the continuous recovery of investment are increasing, the national stable investment policy continues to work, and the capital level is gradually relaxed.

“The core reason is that China’s tower crane industry is stepping into the ‘big tower era’, and the proportion of big tower sales is gradually increasing.” Tang Shaofang believes that looking back and looking forward to China’s construction development process, there are two major development trends – heavy lifting industry and industrialization of construction industry.

“Small tower cranes have been affected, but medium-sized and large tower cranes are better sold, and the room for unit price rise has been opened,” said a person in the tower crane industry.

Trapezoid Rubber Magnetic Chamfer

Taking the “Changtai Yangtze River Bridge” under construction as an example, it will be the largest long-span cable-stayed bridge for highway and railway in the world.

“The components are heavier and heavier, the buildings are higher and higher, and the bridge span is longer and longer.

The Matthew effect in the construction machinery industry is obvious.

In the long run, the switch from the fifth national plan to the sixth national plan will intensify The construction of existing equipment is limited, which will accelerate the delisting of existing equipment and stimulate new purchase demand.

It is the world’s first super 10000 ton meter up slewing super large tower crane.

At the same time, with the mature application of modular construction mode, the development of medium and large hoisting service industry has been effectively promoted.

“A small tower is about 500000 yuan / set, and a medium-sized tower crane is 1.5 million yuan to several million yuan.

According to the design scheme, the bridge needs super large tower crane to meet its construction method.

“We believe that the construction machinery industry is affected by the investment rhythm in the short term.

“Building industrialization will lead to a new revolution in tower crane equipment.

In a recent survey, a leading construction machinery enterprise also expressed its outlook for the second half of this year: “As the second half of 2020 is in the recovery period of the epidemic situation, infrastructure policies, financial support and rush purchase in the fifth national plan stimulate the high growth of the domestic construction machinery industry in the second half of 2020 and the first half of 2021.

In July, customers held a wait-and-see attitude, the market demand fell slightly, and the third quarter entered a relatively low season.

With the improvement of industrialization level, a large number of 100 ton and 1000 ton large components and equipment have appeared in large-scale construction fields such as petrochemical industry, coal chemical industry, metallurgical construction and aerospace engineering.

The “big tower era” has gradually come.

Therefore, Zoomlion has specially built the world’s largest upper slewing tower crane – w12000-450 for the “Changtai Yangtze River Bridge”.

” At the same time, the company believes that the global coverage of Xinguan vaccine will continue to improve, the world economy will show restorative growth, the rigid demand for China’s construction machinery in the international market is increasing, and the industry export is expected to maintain rapid growth.

According to the statistics and summary of the association, after deducting incomparable factors, duplicate data and operating income of non construction machinery industry, key affiliated enterprises will achieve operating income of 489.3 billion yuan in 2020, with a year-on-year increase of 30.4%; The profit was 44.2 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 48.3%.


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