These 8 buildings were criticized by the state office!

Ministry of Education: don’t do homework in the lower grades of primary school.

The Convention and Exhibition Center is jointly funded by Qinghai Province and Xining City, and the hotel is financed by the society.

In April 2020, the agent construction project was independently invested and constructed by Kunming urban construction investment and Development Co., Ltd.

According to the figure released by Yinchuan et al.

Zunyi Finance Bureau, through the Municipal Natural Resources Bureau, arranged a land transfer fee of 562 million yuan, which was allocated to Zunyi Road and bridge construction (Group) Co., Ltd.

In April and June 2019, Yinchuan municipal government decided to allocate financial funds to the municipal SASAC, which will promote the construction in accordance with the principle of “government support and market-oriented operation”.

According to Qinghai News Network (II) Qinghai provincial human resources and social security public service center, the project was reported by Qinghai Provincial Department of human resources and social security to the responsible comrades of the provincial government for approval in September 2015.

According to the picture, in October 2016, Ningxia minning Convention Center, Shengli Hotel (IV) in Qinghai Province, in the absence of clear construction subject, no source of funds and no construction procedures, the Yinchuan municipal Party committee and the municipal government directly selected MCC Construction Group Co., Ltd.

The circular stressed that strictly controlling the construction of buildings and halls is an important content for party and government organs to practice strict economy and oppose waste.

In addition, it also allocated 20 million yuan for the cost of land remediation and 10 million yuan for the protection of local “two sessions”.

(1) Qinghai International Convention and exhibition center the project was approved by Xining development and Reform Commission in April 2019.

From August 2020 to March 2021, the center is mainly used for internal training of the education system.

Yinchuan city and minning town allocated 55 million yuan of financial funds by means of capital injection to enterprises.

Recently, the National Audit Office found that eight projects in four provinces and regions, including Qinghai, Ningxia, Guizhou and Yunnan, had the problem of illegal construction of buildings and museums to varying degrees.

It undertakes the task of government reception and security while providing socialized services.

According to Yongning County Financial Media Center (V) Ningxia minning Town Hotel Management and service vocational skills training center, in June 2019, the Department of education of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region agreed to the project establishment and construction of the center, and hung the brands of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Education Working Committee and education department training base, which is mainly used as Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Education Working Committee The construction funds for the training base of the Department of education, minning teachers’ distance training center and hotel management and service vocational skills education and training center come from financial appropriations.

In December 2018, Yinchuan decided to be jointly funded by China Railway Urban Development Investment Group Co., Ltd.

BFD Coupler

The financial department allocated 240 million yuan for the project.

In July 2019, in the absence of social investment, the project unit started the construction of the Convention and Exhibition Center and the hotel at the same time in the way of overall bidding, unified construction and unified accounting.

(6) The project of Ningxia Silk Road Pearl Tower is a comprehensive building planned and constructed by Yinchuan City, which integrates radio and television transmission, sightseeing and tourism, business exhibition and so on.

In 2021, Kunming injected 224 million yuan into the company.

after being filed by Kunming Dianchi National Tourism Resort Economic Development Bureau.

The CPC Central Committee and the State Council clearly require that in areas with high debt risk, in addition to the necessary basic livelihood expenditure and the effective operation expenditure of organs, we should vigorously reduce capital construction expenditure and raise funds to resolve debt risks; Organs and organizations shall not build training centers and other places and facilities with accommodation, meetings, catering and other reception functions.

(VII) Zunyi Conference Center, Guizhou Province, in February 2018, Zunyi City determined that Zunyi Road and bridge construction (Group) Co., Ltd., a municipal state-owned enterprise, was responsible for the construction of the project, including conference center, hotel, etc.

Producer Zhang Meng was taken away..

There are also 24 guest rooms, which has changed the purpose of business rooms.

From 2018 to 2020, with the approval of the provincial government, Qinghai Provincial Department of Finance allocated 89.6645 million yuan to the hotel by means of subsidies and capital injection for maintenance, transformation and operation.

Local people’s governments at all levels and their staff should draw profound lessons from the problems found in the audit, draw inferences from one instance, take a warning, seriously carry out self-examination and self correction, publicly expose typical cases, resolutely prevent the recurrence of such problems, and unswervingly implement the decisions and arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council.

After completion, Kunming would permanently lease the project to provincial democratic parties, Yunnan China Vocational Education Society and other units at zero rent or low rent.

Recently, the general office of the State Council issued the circular on the illegal construction of buildings and museums in some heavily indebted areas, which made a public Circular on the illegal construction of buildings and museums in Qinghai, Ningxia, Guizhou, Yunnan and other regions.

In June 2020, the project will be completed and pre accepted and run according to the hotel mode.

(8) Yunnan Provincial Democratic Party building and Yunnan China Vocational Education Society office building in April 2019, Yunnan provincial government decided that the project would be funded by Kunming and built by enterprises.

The project was shut down for a time due to lack of funds.

At the end of 2019, part of the project was completed, accepted and started trial operation, and undertook the reception of the “two sessions” of Zunyi in 2020 and 2021.

Southern Metropolis Daily (nd daily, editor: Zhu Hao) is compiled from Xinhua news agency, China government network, etc   ▊   Nandu juntexuan (poked the title below) was copied as soon as an explosion came out, and it was cheap! Taobao sellers are very upset about China’s new richest man! Ma Ying Jeou was acquitted.

By the end of May 2021, 2.277 billion yuan of funds in place for the project were all financial funds, which actually paid the hotel construction expenses through financial funds.

and Yinchuan Tonglian capital investment and Operation Co., Ltd., a municipal state-owned enterprise.

for advance construction for investigation reception, conference, exhibition, catering and accommodation.

According to the Yunnan Construction circular, the above-mentioned problem of illegally using financial funds to build buildings and museums reflects that the relevant personnel of relevant regional departments and units do not have strong “Four Consciousness”, weak awareness of discipline and rules, weakening the idea of hard work and thrift, and fail to implement the decisions and arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council; Some regional business authorities and regulatory authorities did not play a sufficient role and failed to find and solve problems in time.

(3) Qinghai Shengli hotel was originally a public institution with financial balance appropriation.

It was transformed into an enterprise in 2002.

The actually paid in capital of the project is 520 million yuan, of which 300 million yuan invested by Yinchuan Tonglian capital investment and Operation Co., Ltd.

It is planned to be used as a business house by purchasing office buildings, which is mainly used for employment and entrepreneurship training, social insurance, labor rights and interests and other handling services.

It mainly includes two parts: Convention and Exhibition Center and hotel.

is all financial capital.

It is related to maintaining the image of the party and the government, and must be adhered to regardless of the risk of government debt.

The circular stressed that strictly controlling the construction of Party and government office buildings and other buildings is an important content of strengthening the construction of Party style and clean government and implementing the requirements of living a tight life.

At present, some works of tower and North podium have been completed.

In actual use, some of them are used as office rooms of organs and institutions of the Department of human resources and social security of Qinghai Province.


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