The architectural design company issued a book for the construction unit.

It is expressed by clear axis side rendering and concise detailed drawings, so that project managers can accurately implement the “eight bureau standard”.

At present, the atlas has been officially published…

Excerpts from some drawings in the atlas of work safety standardization at construction site ▼ enclosure ▼ gatehouse type main gate ▼ access control ▼ garbage pool and hydraulic packer ▼ garbage passage ▼ reinforcement processing shed ▼ reinforcement yard ▼ woodworking yard ▼ PC yard ▼ finished product standard curing room ▼ tower crane and construction elevator ▼ suspended turnbuckle scaffold ▼ unloading platform.

This is an interesting and meaningful innovation to integrate complex The “construction site” is deconstructed into detailed drawings, which is as concise and clear as the general specification of “construction site”.

The atlas of safety production standardization on construction site is the first of this series.

In order to promote more safety and standardization on the construction site and ensure more efficient and systematic project management, L & mdesignlab is designed   Entrusted by Shanghai company of China Construction Eighth Engineering Bureau, a series of standardized procedures and atlas are prepared to guide on-site management and disclosure in a standardized, visual and detailed manner.

The atlas is divided into twelve chapters: gate, ground, drawing board, processing yard, storage yard and warehouse, construction machines and tools, safe passage, hoisting machinery, scaffold, protection, temporary power, fire control and labor protection articles.

Wire Lifting Loop

The designer cooperates with the construction unit to form a temporary construction standard atlas, and standardize the construction site through standardization, visualization and detailed drawings, so as to further improve safety assurance and reduce accident risk.


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