The 50 most taboos on construction sites are that they don’t pay attention to problems every minute

Scaffold 3.

Safety helmets are not worn on the construction site as required; 8.

Hoisting machinery and equipment 14.


There are too many sundries in the safety net; 10.

The electric box is not provided with rainproof facilities as required.

Scaffold members are not painted with yellow paint; 6.

Failing to set up and use shower rooms as required.

Safety warning 28.

No protective cover is set at the transmission part of machines and tools; 20.

The protection of staircases, elevator wellheads, reserved openings, passageways and other openings is not strict, and the warning colors of red and white are not painted; 11.

Magnetic Box

The drainage at the construction site is not smooth and there is sewage sludge; 44.

On site fire prevention 47.

No scouring vehicle facilities are set or used at the gate of the construction site; 38.

The roads are polluted by unclean scouring and lax coverage of incoming and outgoing vehicles; 39.


Construction electricity 12.


The dormitory is dirty and messy, and there is no unified closed tableware cabinet; 34.

The height of dense mesh safety vertical net enclosure fails to meet the specified requirements; 25.

Building materials are stacked disorderly and signboards are not set up as required; 41.

The dense mesh safety vertical net is damaged and untidy; 26.

The dense mesh safety vertical net is not bound firmly and the enclosure is not tight; 27.

The distance between the inner bent and the building is not protected as required.

2 building enclosure 24.


Safety officers do not wear uniform…


Failing to set up safety warning glasses as required; 30.

The protective shed of construction machines and tools 18, mixer, ash mixer and other machines and tools prone to dust is not closed or not tightly closed; 19.

1、 Production safety data 1.


Temporary facilities 31, wall panels, doors and windows are damaged, not corrected in time and untidy; 32.

The dense mesh safety vertical net is bound with binding wire or the net buckle is missing.

The edge protection of foundation pit, roof, floor slab, balcony and unloading platform is not strict, and the protective fence is not painted with red and white warning color.

Construction waste is not cleared and transported in time, and domestic waste is not cleared every day; 43.

The retaining wall is inclined, damaged and untidy; 23.

Failing to set up drainage ditches as required; 5.

2、 The enclosure 21 and retaining wall of civilized construction 1 site are not beautified and lightened; 22.

“Three treasures”, “four openings” and “edge protection” 7.

Site appearance 37.

Failing to wear safety belt as required for work at heights; 9.

Failure to set fire equipment concentration points as required; 48.

Signature on behalf of others; 2.


No tower crane command or unclear command contact signal; 16.


Scaffold board is not fully paved; 4.

Failing to carry out night school activities for site employees as required; 50.

The registration plates of tower crane, elevator, derrick, hanging basket and material hoist are not fixed on the equipment as required.

Screen doors and windows are not installed as required in warm seasons; 33.

The original soil and backfill are not solidified and covered by effective measures; 46.

The “zero work method” or “zero work method” of safety management is not strictly implemented, and the log records are incomplete or false.

Comprehensive management 49.

The canteen is poorly hygienic and the cooks do not wear work clothes; 35.

Failing to use humanized safety warning signs as required; 29.

The hardened Road on the construction site is damaged and seriously polluted; 40.

The number of safety warning signs is insufficient and the hanging position is improper.

The certificate of tower crane driver is not stored at the construction site; 15.


The construction site is not afforested as required.

Throwing garbage from inside the building; 45.

Sundries stacked in front of the electric box; 13.

The toilet is not washed in time; 36.

The safety door of the unloading platform on each floor of the external elevator and material elevator is not closed as required; 17.

Those who stack materials and garbage on the retaining wall.

The construction area and living and office area are not clearly divided; 42.


The living area, wood production area, warehouse, substation (distribution) room, distribution box and other flammable places are not reasonably equipped with fire-fighting equipment.

The mixer and ash mixer are not equipped with sedimentation tank as required.


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