The industry focuses on green buildings, and the “14th five year plan” for the development of construction industry in Guangdong Province

By 2025, the green building area of one star and above in the province will account for more than 30% of the new green building area in that year, and more than 45% of the cities in the Pearl River Delta.

Improve the quality of green buildings.

The panel is hollow laminated tempered ultra white three silver Low-E glass.

Management and energy conservation: Dashi building adopts the aiot Internet of things intelligent management and control platform independently developed by Dashi intelligence to connect and centrally control nearly 20000 physical devices in the building, and nearly 130 flat and large LED screens present the operation status and energy consumption data of all devices in real time, so as to realize visual operation and maintenance, make energy conservation “visible”, and reduce energy consumption by 25% through centralized management and visual operation and maintenance, The effect of reducing property personnel by 25%.

Carry out Star green building identification in accordance with national regulations, and implement unified management of the whole process of identification identification in Guangdong Province Based on Guangdong green building information platform.

Recently, the Department of housing and urban rural development of Guangdong Province issued the “14th five year plan” for the development of construction industry in Guangdong Province.

(meeting room in Dashi building) in addition to the application of new materials, more importantly, the building realizes management energy conservation and technical energy conservation through the application of aiot Internet of things intelligent management platform and central air conditioning energy conservation control system independently developed by Dashi.

(Dashi building) Dashi building takes the lead in adopting the internationally leading three silver glass curtain wall.

The development plan plans to strengthen the whole process control of green buildings, improve the quality of green buildings and implement the carbon peak plan in the construction field.

Some contents are interpreted as follows: 01 some contents of the development plan are interpreted as strengthening the whole process control of green buildings.

Implement the regulations of Guangdong Province on green buildings, improve and improve the supporting system documents for the supervision of the whole process of green building design, construction and delivery, and implement the main responsibilities of all parties involved in project construction.

By the end of 2020, Dashi intelligent has saved 1.06 billion kwh of electricity for users and reduced about 1.057 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions through independent innovative technologies and products.

In 2021, the annual operating energy efficiency ratio of the refrigeration room system of Dashi building is 6.31kw · H / kW · h, and the energy efficiency grade of the refrigeration room system is leading.

The heat insulation reaches 97%, only 3% of the heat enters the room, and the shading coefficient is 0.255.

(Dashi aiot Internet of things intelligent management and control platform) technical energy saving: the ultra-high efficiency refrigerator room of Dashi intelligent building adopts the emc007 energy-saving control system and related products independently developed by Dashi, and applies the two basic principles of on-demand energy supply and system optimization, including air conditioning water system and end air system.

Implement the carbon peak plan in the construction field.

Comprehensively establish the green design concept of adjusting measures to local conditions, low-carbon development and cultural inheritance, and form a green building design technology system covering climate environment, space regulation, construction mode, energy utilization, etc.

Compared with the double silver glass curtain wall, more than 70% of the heat enters the room, surpassing most office buildings and reaching the highest energy-saving standard of the curtain wall.

Accelerate the introduction of relevant standards and specifications such as the code for construction acceptance of building energy efficiency and green building projects in Guangdong Province and the green building inspection standard, formulate the technical guidelines for green construction and the technical guidelines for post evaluation of green buildings, and revise the evaluation standards of green buildings in Guangdong Province.

The three certifications include platinum certified by leed-cs in the United States, three-star certified by China Platinum grade green building certification in Shenzhen; Double standards include green building design standards and green building operation standards.

Implement the green building performance improvement plan, inherit, promote and innovate the green building technology with Lingnan characteristics and adapted to subtropical climate, and improve the health performance of indoor air quality, water quality and sound insulation performance of buildings.

Lifting Eye Anchor

Implement the national climate change strategy, start the carbon peak action of the construction industry in accordance with the national requirements, and study and formulate the action plan of building carbon emission peak in our province.

It is worth mentioning that the unattended high-efficiency cooling station of Dashi building is the first leading evaluation project of energy efficiency grade of refrigeration room system in China, and has achieved high energy efficiency for two consecutive years.

02 Dashi building – the benchmark of green wisdom building Dashi intelligent building is a 200 meter high green building with a building area of 100000 square meters invested and constructed by Shenzhen Dashi intelligent Co., Ltd.

(unattended high-efficiency cooling station) Dashi intelligent has accumulated 26 years in the field of building energy conservation.

In the future, the company will continue to respond to the national call, give full play to its technical and product advantages, and promote the development of green buildings and near zero energy consumption buildings…

Issue guidelines for the preparation of carbon emission inventories for construction activities, and improve the carbon emission control standards, technology and industrial support system for construction.

The energy-saving control system combines advanced technologies such as load forecasting, artificial intelligence and simulation, establishes a complex equipment characteristic model, and adopts the global optimization coupling control of the central air-conditioning Feng Shui system to improve the comprehensive energy efficiency of the system.

We will implement major demonstration projects for the industrialization of energy-saving and low-carbon technologies, carry out demonstration projects such as near zero energy consumption buildings, and gradually achieve carbon peak and carbon neutralization.

Actively promote green building property management, establish a green housing user supervision mechanism, and strengthen the operation and management of green buildings.

It is the first super high-rise “double standard and three certification” green wisdom building in China.


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