Test site manual of construction engineering management and practice by first-class constructor in 2022

They include real test questions in recent years, including answer analysis, video explanation, knowledge point correlation, full simulation, and brushing questions.

It is convenient to summarize knowledge points, notes and real problem analysis for postgraduate entrance examination and certificate, Key and difficult videos explain the postgraduate entrance examination of famous schools and various examination materials (e-books, question banks and videos) Large collection, quick review and preparation, one-step lecture by famous teachers, outline interpretation, real topic series, key and difficult point analysis software, functional advantages of multi reading, question brushing and video viewing, powerful multi-terminal synchronous sharing of mobile phones, computers and tablets, convenient fragmented learning, e-book functions, note taking, video watching and voice reading, more than three question brushing modes of reading question bank function, directly hitting the test difficulties Click the video function, high-definition picture quality, automatic continuous broadcasting and double speed broadcasting to make test preparation more efficient.

You can read 10000 kinds of e-books, question banks and videos for postgraduate entrance examination and certificate.

In 2022, the site has focused on the R & D and production of content for more than 20 years, with 10000 kinds of postgraduate entrance examination products (covering 218 kinds of vocational qualification examinations, 514 universities’ postgraduate entrance examination professional courses, 1100 kinds of professional teaching materials, with strong teachers and timely product updates.

Each book is less than a penny.

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