[temple design] how to distinguish ancient buildings, antique buildings and cultural relics buildings?

■   2、 Antique buildings use modern construction technology and imitation materials to achieve the appearance effect of ancient buildings, which is called antique buildings.

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According to its historical, artistic and scientific value, the immovable cultural relics of modern representative buildings of ancient cultural sites, ancient tombs, burial grottoes, temples, stone carvings and murals have been identified as national key cultural relics protection units, provincial cultural relics protection units and municipal and county-level cultural relics protection units.

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It is different from ancient buildings in terms of materials.

Immovable cultural relics are subdivided into ancient cultural sites, ancient tombs, grotto temples, stone carvings, murals, modern representative buildings, etc.

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During the design and construction of some antique buildings, some tenon and mortise structures are simplified, and they are not made according to the traditional process; Some antique buildings will use some modern materials such as nails for reinforcement, but they are rarely used in ancient buildings; Third, most antique buildings are similar in shape, but not in spirit.

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Immovable cultural relics include “ancient buildings”, which are defined as various buildings and architectural groups with outstanding historical, artistic and scientific values; Other typical buildings and architectural groups with characteristics of the times, regions, nationalities, etc.

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■   3、 Cultural relics construction in fact, there is no concept of cultural relics construction in China’s cultural relics law, only the concepts of immovable cultural relics and movable cultural relics.

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In terms of age, ancient buildings usually refer to buildings before the Qing Dynasty (including).

Most antique buildings use modern building materials, such as cement, concrete, etc; Second, the manufacturing process is different.

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■   1、 Ancient buildings in China have a certain age, but the buildings that are still complete or partially complete after years are recognized as ancient buildings, because they represent the level of architectural technology and building materials in that age, and are of great significance to the change and research of architectural history.

Although some antique architectural designs are designed in strict accordance with the French style, during the construction, the completion effect is not good due to the difference of cost and operator level, resulting in the feeling of similar shape and different God, which can not reflect the style of the times and architectural skills, nor the simple charm of an ancient building.

National key cultural relics protection units provincial cultural relics protection units municipal cultural relics protection units county-level cultural relics protection units in addition, China has standards for chronological division, which are as follows: ancient times: before 1840 (ancient times are divided into ancient times, ancient times, medieval times…) modern times: 1840-1949, which is commonly known as “two half society” Modern: after 1949, I recommend several well-known original design numbers for temple planning to teach you the whole process of policy, planning, financing, design and construction, and the necessary skills of temple abbots.

Nowadays, the construction of antique buildings mostly pursues economic benefits, so they are not as exquisite as ancient buildings, which can be best reflected in the detailed carvings.

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