Architects remind: when buying a house, remember to buy side, South and no three. Basically, you won’t buy a bad house

buy side.

We should pay more attention when buying a house, and we will worry less after buying a house!..

Now there are too many households on the first floor of high-rise residential buildings, so many house types are designed unreasonably.

Here refers to not buying three, which means that it is not recommended to buy three types of houses.

Secondly, the living experience of border households will be better.

The second type of two bedroom apartment is not recommended.

Finally, the pattern of edge households will be better and more practical than that of middle households.

For example, as soon as some house types enter the door, there is a long and narrow aisle, which is considered as formal entry into the room.

He told me that the most important thing to remember when buying a house is to buy the side, buy the South and don’t buy three.

Many people buy houses in a muddle headed way, and they are very lucky to be able to buy them.

But now, with the increasingly strict regulation of the real estate industry by the state, the wind direction of the real estate market has changed, the trend of house prices has become more and more stable, and there has been obvious differentiation.

The windows of the house make your vision very wide.

Thread Swivel Eye

Therefore, houses facing south can escape the winter wind and have more sufficient daylighting; Facing north, because the sunshine time is short in winter, the sun rises in the southeast and sets in the southwest, so there is naturally no sunshine in the north.

North-south ventilation can achieve the effect of convection.

For a family of three, the two bedroom house type can only meet the needs of a family of three.

Many people regard founder house type as one of the standards of house type, which is not unreasonable.

Intermediate households are the ones most affected by the sound of elevators running up and down and the travel sound of neighbors on both sides.

People pay a huge price for buying a house, which determines the happy life of themselves and their families in the future.

There is still a little sunshine in summer, and there is no sunshine in winter.

First of all, the ventilation and lighting of side households will be better, there will be no darkness, and the contact surface with the external space is larger.

In the past, no one paid attention to this problem.

For example, there is a long aisle in the room.

The biggest advantage of Founder house type lies in its space utilization.

Why do you say so? Because China is located in the eastern part of Eurasia in the northern hemisphere, most of the land is located north of the Tropic of cancer, and the sun is not directly directed at the land, but at a certain angle to the south.

You don’t have to worry that the bathroom is a closed space with poor air circulation, and you don’t have to worry about the humidity of the bedroom due to lack of light.

2、 Buy South.

As we all know, the current houses are generally two stairs and four households, so two sets are middle-class households and two sets are side households.

The third category is too many house types in the aisle.

Therefore, we must do our homework in advance when buying a house.

In addition, it is not recommended to start from the northeast and northwest.

What does this mean? Let’s analyze it together.

Finally, house prices soared and missed a good opportunity to buy a house.

In terms of distance, intermediate households are closest to the elevator and are vulnerable to noise.

The above is the 7-character “truth” suggested by architects to buy a house, hoping to help buyers choose a house.

Many of them have too many aisles.

The first is that the house type is not square and it is not recommended to buy.

Why do we all suggest that it is best to buy a three bedroom house type, because the two bedroom house type is really not enough to live.

The wind is still strong, and you may not be able to dry clothes for two days.

Compared with some irregular house types, such as house types with narrow walkways, house types with rounded corners and corners, triangular house types, etc., they can’t be purchased.

Nowadays, most families are a couple with two children, and sometimes the elderly will come to live together.

For home buyers, it would be better to choose side households if their economic strength allows.

The so-called “buy side” means that buy side households do not buy middle-class households.

It can be said that this aisle is not only useless, but also affects normal life.

In the environment of rising house prices and hot sales of houses, buyers basically didn’t have much choice.

Therefore, if people who buy a house now don’t want to live in a house for 70 years, it’s best to find a good house so as not to fall into their hands and can’t be sold in the future.

01 I.

And now the houses of real estate enterprises are no longer easy to sell, especially with more and more houses.

But if there is only one side, I hope you will firmly choose the south.

Correct orientation is the most important link; As we all know, we must choose north-south ventilation when buying a house.

In this way, for those who want to sell their houses in the future, the pressure is also greater.

3、 Don’t buy three.

For buyers, the selection requirements and vision are also higher and higher.

How to buy a house and what kind of house to buy? Perhaps this is the most concerned issue of many people preparing to buy a house.

What kind of house is a good house? To this end, I invited an architect.

Many people are hesitant to buy a house because of their choice.

After all, buyers no longer have a house as in the past, and the requirements for the house are higher and higher.


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