7 construction certificates despise the chain, and the test and detection rank first!

The two dislike each other and need each other.

Structure’s view on itself: the soul of Architecture – a noble profession that allows Party A to save money, and accurate calculation at high risk.

Spring will come.

In addition, many students feel that there is little way forward due to the cancellation of the qualification of fire technical service institutions.

It is only for your reference and entertainment: first, the difficulty ranking of the practice examination in the construction industry   Jiuchongtian is not a registered geotechnical engineer or first-class architect; The first-class structural engineer is ranked in the eighth day; Fire Engineers followed; First class constructors and cost engineers are not willing to fall behind; There are consulting engineers, first-class supervision and safety engineers, test and inspection examinations and second-class constructors at the bottom.

Registered architects mainly study the engineering characteristics of geotechnical constituent materials and engage in geotechnical engineering survey, design, construction and technical consultation.

requires the advice of geotechnical engineers.

In the construction industry, the circle of professional qualification certificates also has its own chain of contempt.

As the highest professional qualification certificate of structural specialty, the gold content of first-class structural engineer should be heavy.

Of course, this is different from person to person and work.

Road and water transportation tester road and water transportation test tester is the national vocational qualification certificate again after the suspension of the examination by the Ministry of communications and the Ministry of human resources and social security for two years (2015-2016), which is relatively unpopular, and the number of candidates is far less hot than that of constructors.

First class architect vs registered geotechnical engineer architecture and geotechnical as the top leaders, the difficulty of the examination naturally goes without saying.

Stronger qualification means that you will have more choices.

Therefore, we should combine the future work plan, try our best to take the certificate that is useful to us when we are young, and pave the way for our future career path.

The construction project is divided into four stages.

They both want to kill each other and be the boss themselves.

The concept, principles, objectives, tasks, factors and methods of consulting engineers are more than twice as many as those of cost engineers.

When you go to private enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises to find a job, you will have more advantages; When you applied for a job in a state-owned enterprise, you didn’t climb high.

  First class constructor vs first class cost engineer obtaining first class constructor certificate is a prerequisite for serving as large-scale project manager, and promotion and salary increase are the first choice.

Views on Architecture: Actually I don’t understand anything, graffiti is hard, and the drawings always lag behind.

After the new deal cost engineer is divided into one level and two levels, taking into account the geographical and humanistic factors of the cost engineer’s practice, this is a perfection of the system, and also raises the threshold, gold content and social status of the first level cost engineer (the original cost engineer).

Ringlock Scaffolding Ledger End

The more difficult the certificate is, the higher the gold content is.

The cost is only part of the implementation stage.

The geotechnical engineer first studies the geotechnical samples collected from the site and the data in the geotechnical samples, and then calculates the lattice required by the buildings on the site.

Consulting engineers are quite popular in China.

Come on! (the source of the material is the future, civil engineering testing and sorting, and the copyright belongs to the original author)..

The consultation focuses on the decision-making stage, but it is the whole process, involving technology, economy, society, environment and resources.

In the past two years, enterprise safety accidents have occurred frequently, and the state has paid more attention to safety engineers.

Safety engineers are mainly safety consultants, safety engineers and safety directors hired by enterprises.

The design of foundations, piles, retaining walls, dams, tunnels, etc.

In fact, fire protection has both the background of practice certificate and strong backstage support.

Nowadays, everything has a disdain chain, and the disdain chain among industries is more like a sword and shadow, everywhere.

The above is today’s sharing.

Once you pass the first-class constructor’s examination, you have undoubtedly distinguished yourself from those workers who start from the bottom and officially enter the first-class constructor with certificate.

Registered fire engineer first-class fire engineer has only officially started the examination since 2015, and his qualification is still shallow.

The gold content of the certificate of first-class supervision engineer vs safety engineer registered supervision engineer is lower than that of other buildings.

Today, the society compiled and summarized the top seven test difficulty rankings and the views of various majors on other majors.


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